We’ve been clients of Africonnect since 2005 and were in fact one of the first establishments in Livingstone to use their services and to have wifi broadband. We’re delighted they’re expanding and developing and all in all the service is good, though I complain a lot….We are an ‘ISpot’ open to the public for internet connection at reasonable rates as well as providing a generally good service for our guests. If we had a criticism? Their PR.

Africonnect has commissioned a high speed fibre optic cable link to connect Zambia to the rest of the world. Africonnect Managing Director Mark Bennett said in Lusaka today that the move was part of the continued integration of Africonnect into the Vodacom Group network. Mr. Bennett said at a media briefing in Lusaka today that the company has commissioned a direct fibre link directly into South Africa with ultra low latency.

Zanis reports that he said quicker, more reliable and more robust connectivity into South Africa will improve efficiency for all customers who are connected to the headquarters, suppliers, customers or websites located in South Africa. Mr. Bennett further said in addition to the new fibre installation, Africonnect has commissioned more resilience through a second terrestrial link to Europe, and has bought more satellite capacity, which will offer 1:1 back- up in case of any fibre cuts or scheduled maintenance.

He said part two of the international fibre installation will include the commissioning of an MPLS link into the Vodacom MPLS network located in Johannesburg. He said this will be live in the next weeks. Mr. Bennett noted that the network expansion is now well under way while the upgrading of the Copperbelt network that will create an MPLS backbone between the Copperbelt and Lusaka has been completed.

He said the network upgrading will increase capacity in Kitwe, Ndola and Chingola. He further said as a commitment to the growth of the Copperbelt, the company has also introduced new services in Luanshya, Mufulira and Chililabombwe. He added that Africonnect has begun wireless broadband service in Mazabuka and Siavonga.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bennett has disclosed that with effect from 1st March this year, Africonnect will introduce new low cost; pay-as- you- go wireless internet access. He said for the past five years, Africonnect has offered its high- speed iConnect broadband service via fixed monthly subscriptions with higher cost equipment. He said the company is now introducing a service for homes and small businesses with a start- up cost of under K1 million, including equipment and an initial K300,000 of surf-time. Mr. Bennett has since said the new pay as you internet access will be available throughout Lusaka, with other towns following shortly.