Art In Livingstone

Probably wouldn’t normally promote Sun International but we did like this idea. The piece is written by Joanne Selby on their blog:

“Over the Easter weekend Sun International Resort hosted an art exhibition. All the paintings were done by local artists in the Livingstone region. Eight artists submitted their work which was displayed in the conference foyer at The Zambezi Sun.

I took a walk around the exhibition with Sue Brink, the organizer. Sue was so enthusiastic about all the works, telling me about the artists and why she had chosen particular paintings. One of her favorite artists is Vincent Maonde who had painted the Nalikwanda, the boat used by the chief of the Lozi people in Western Province of Zambia. She then enthused about Vincent’s son, Alwedi Maonde, who did abstract works. Finally she showed me a whole series of paintings which depicted local life of Zambian people. These were submitted by Lawrence Yombwe.

Sue commented on the use of color, symbolism and the perspective of the paintings. I am not that good at discussing paintings. I am like most people – I know what I like but can’t say why. I knew, though, that I wanted many of them and could imagine them in my home.

This exhibition was just a trial run for a much larger one which we are to host in June and July this year. Our hotels, of course, will be very busy during the soccer, so Sue is organizing a much larger show throughout that period. She has a list of fifteen artists from throughout Zambia who are going to display their work. And, it will not only be paintings, but photographs as well.

Sue showed me her list of exhibitors for the next show, telling me who they were; where they lived; their history and about their work. She knew them all. Her enthusiasm was infectious. I am sure that the next exhibition will be sensational and I am really looking forward to it.

Many of our guests who will be visiting us during June and July will be football fanatics. I do hope they are art-lovers too.”