Ben Reed Has The Chanters Lodge Experience

Last night Sunday 6th June, 2010, we were delighted to relaunch The Chanters Lodge Experience on Zambezi Radio 107.7 fm at 20.30 hrs with Milli Jam and George Soulchild hosting the show, and with ‘Zambia’s best known mzungu part time DJ’ (me!) very much around. So too was Ben Reed, a Guest of ours at Chanters Lodge in Livingstone. Ben writes a very interesting blog Adventures With Ben which is a must read! Zambezi FM is of course Zambia’s best loved local radio station – imitated but never duplicated.

The show kicked off with two great local tracks ‘Contolo’ by Pee Jay and JK ft Saoma’s massive hit ‘Kapiri Piri’ which we were assured meant that ‘this girl is as hot as chilli!’ After the show the Chanters Girls assured me this was the case – and that they were too! We also played Solo by Iyaz and Miley Cyrus’s latest ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ – and I guess she can’t from the sound of it! Billy Currington’s smash country hit People Are Crazy took everyone by surprise.

Ben, our Guest, had been down in South Africa doing some work for the World Cup preperations and had determined that he must see Victoria Falls before taking off back to the States. He loved Zambia it and Zambia as well as the bungee jump he’d bravely done too! You can follow Ben on Twitter @adventureswben and strongly suggest you do. He’s been to a lot of places and travelled a long way for someone obviously going far in life. There’s his photo!

We played BoB – Nothing On You and we were all of the opinion that on this particular Sunday night, nobody had anything on us as far as local radio was concerned – it was great! We were received by everyone at the station like long lost friends! Thanks Guys!

Oh! And we played Waving Flag by K’naan for Henry Chanter aged 8!