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I'm often asked about the coach service from Lusaka to Livingstone, and Livingstone to Lusaka for that matter. At Chanters Lodge we always recommend Mazhandu Family Bus Service - one of their coaches is pictured above. The ladies in the picture are the Belgian ladies I mentioned yesterday, about to leave for Lusaka, and this is another of the pictures kindly sent to me by An Hofkens.

Why Mazhandu? It's simple - their buses tend to leave 'on time'. Many of their competitors wait until their coaches are full before they leave. Mazhandu have it right. If people know your buses leave more or less at the time you say they will (remember time in Africa is a bit relative....) then they'll book your bus, and your bus will be full - without you having to wait for it to fill up. I'm sure in the early days Mazhandu did have empty seats with this policy, but they don't have many these days, that's for sure!

You can also reliably pre-book your seat on Mazhandu in Livingstone, though not more than 24 hours beforehand. I understand you can make reservations from overseas for the Lusaka to Livingstone route and the cell number to call is +260 977805064. There's also apparently an on-line reservation service on the link above, but I'm really not sure if it works! I've never heard of anyone successfully booking on line. Mazhandu have about 6 departure times daily on the Livingstone-Lusaka route, the earliest is 06.00 hrs and the latest 20.00 hrs.

The cost one way from Livingstone to Lusaka is about US$15 (a tenth or less of the airfare) and the journey takes about 7 hours. They do have an occasional executive bus which is rather more comfortable and also more expensive, but most people don't bother.

By the way, word is that the 75km Zimba to Livingstone stretch of the Lusaka road is now in much better condition!
Posted: 4 April 2009 at 04:46
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