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Ah! You thought this would be something like the management lesson I posted the other day about the Google success story? Not a bit of it!

When we first computerised which was only about 2 years ago, I was totally clueless about computers and e mail and, if I'm honest, quite scared of the whole idea. I took the plunge however, bought a laptop and got connected, it was initially my son Michael who set up a Yahoo e mail address for me.

As soon as our website was renovated at the end of 2005 and our e mail address was to be put on it, Ed, my first born son in UK told me that he'd made a new address - richard@chanters-livingstone.com which was linked to the Yahoo address. Nice! It looked good, sounded good and for 2 years it did us good.

Suddenly about a month or so ago things started to go wrong. E mails started taking ages to come through, people somehow or other got messages to me that there was a problem with that e mail address and that it was even returning e mails. I contacted Ed who told me that it was not CC's fault (they host our website) and I should get on to Yahoo. "Wait a minute" I told him, "e mails with the Yahoo address still work ok".

It then transpired that 123reg the domain name people are involved as they host that e mail address. Ed then went on to say that while 123reg admitted there was a problem Yahoo said there was "no problem at all". Ah! It made my blood boil. I may have lost countless reservations because e mails didn't come through before we knew there was a problem. On the 25th July I got an e mail from a Client cancelling a room that had taken 15 days to reach me leaving me no way of reselling the room.

As a small business you get fed up with being held up to ransom by the big people and taken as nothing. Tomorrow I'll talk to you about Barclays Bank but for now.....use richard.chanter@yahoo.co.uk and........

YA...BOOO (what a load of rubbish). Oh! And 1-2-3 Testing and Out!

Posted: 27 July 2007 at 13:25
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