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It was pretty quiet this afternoon and pretty hot. There was a couple by the pool, and later I saw them swimming. I looked, I looked again. No, my eyes weren't deceiving me, this lovely young brown skinned girl was frolicking with her boyfriend, topless, in the pool. Now, that may be pretty standard on your Costa del Sol or your Cote d'Azur, but it's rather unusual in these parts! Anyway I had to have a good look three or four more times to make sure I was right!

I called Susan, our Head Waitress who's Acting in Reception while Mercy's on leave. "Susan" I said "there seems to be a topless girl in the pool". She looked at me with this kind of semi sly, dirty smirk on her face as if to say "yeah, and aren't you enjoying having a good look", but what she actually said, very nonchalant, was "oh yes, sir, she came without a top!"

A top to wear? You bet she did! Anyway, I did my best not to ogle too much. On her way out of the Lodge this pretty young girl swung her hips and smiled at me in a way only girls can as if to say "and.........?"

Conclusion? Well apart from making my day, I told Suzie we need a new regulation in future. "Ban topless swimming?" She asked. "Not on your life" says I, "in future if young girls who look like that want to swim topless, we should pay them to use the pool and not vice versa!"

Posted: 27 January 2007 at 18:07
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