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Remember this character? Probably not, unless like me you're a fan of popular music with memories going back as far as the 60's.

Dave "Fingers" Berry! Why "Fingers?" I'm not sure - I think it had something to do with what he did with his hands on the mike when he was performing. His fingers sort of moved around! He was a regular on the late lamented BBC's "Top Of The Pops." "We popped until we dropped", it says on their site, didn't we all? I'm sure "Fingers" did!

I like the picture on that album cover up there, because that's exactly how I remember him when he was a guest at the Hotel Vanderbilt in the Cromwell Road, West London in the mid 60's where I was learning reception (and 500 other things), and later when I went back to the same hotel as Front Office Manager. We trained on Sweda mechanical accounting machines. Remember those machines? Probably not! The hotel is now a very nice looking, big, Radisson Edwardian.

Anyway, in those days, Dave used to come to the hotel with his trade mark hat, upturned collar and trench coat and out of the side of his mouth would say "have they made a booking for me?" They usually had. He was no problem, no smashed up rooms, sex, drugs or rock n' roll. Quite boring really. I loved his song "The Crying Game" - "I know all there is to know about the crying game" was the first line - didn't we all? How slushy is that honestly? But it was a nice song! What surprised me was just how much other stuff he churned out as well, as you can see from this link.

Posted: 15 February 2007 at 05:52
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