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"Trim the mango trees this morning," I said to Danny our former security guard and new gardener. Well, as you can see from the photo, the trimming evolved into full scale pruning! The trees had grown so much they were keeping a lot of light away from the garden and more importantly sunlight away from the swimming pool. Furthermore the leaves and stuff from the trees was making the pool dirty and maintenance very difficult. Let's hope the major pruning will help make the pool warmer and keep it cleaner as well. There'll be less mangos this year, but this doesn't worry me personally as I hate them! There's not exactly a shortage of that particular fruit tree in Livingstone anyway!

The lounge renovations are back on track with the brick layer filling in where necessary and the carpenters on stand by to fit the new ceiling which is already prepared. After that fitting the new lighting, painting and cleaning and with any luck we should be able to re-open by Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Our August results were very good - we exceeded our best ever sales figure by some 10% and we had record accommodation sales and service charge figures as well. Our restaurant covers were the highest since last August and our room and bed occupancy both at over 70% were the highest we've known since we expanded to 10 rooms. Thanks to all the Clients who left tips to make the service charge as high as it was!

Back to the garden!

Posted: 1 September 2007 at 10:26
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