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Ian Farrao of Iconnect, who look after the wifi at the Lodge, sent me this winge from an American writer about the wifi in his hotel. In italics underneath each comment I've added how we stack up:

1. Electrical connections in unreachable places. I prefer to work with a plugged-in notebook. And while it is true that more hotels are finally figuring out that the connection should be on the desk lamp or nearby wall, even some otherwise “business class” hotels bury the outlet under the desk, behind the tv console, etc.
Mostly we have fairly accessible sockets in rooms and public areas.

2. Nonsensical electrical switches. I, like you, (that was a kind of “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” moment, wasn’t it) are often befuddled by on switches for lamp-based and wall-based outlets being located far, far away at the entrance to the hotel room. Please let me control my switches manually, at the exact place the outlet is located.
Our wall sockets have switches on!

3. Front desk staff clueless about WiFi. The WiFI in my hotel seems to be suffering from performance issues. I know it is not device-based, but hardware-based. So when I call the front desk, I don’t want to be routed to an external help desk service that: a) has little if any remote diagnostics capability, and b) primarily exists to walk newbies through the WiFi process.
The girls only have to give the clients the code, which they know how to do.

4. Hotel “engineers” who are clueless about WiFi. My “issue,” explained above, led to a room visit from a hotel “engineer.” He journeyed to the sixth floor outside my room, disconnected the WiFi gear on the ceiling and re-booted. Nothing. I told him it looked like a bad card inside the router or maybe an Access Point issue. He gave me a “huh” stare. Lesson to hotels: train your maintenance people about WiFi.
Ah! We have Jacob Gondwe from Iconnect always available by cell phone so no engineer required!

5. Hotel WiFi should always be free. I find it interesting that the more discount-oriented hotels are the ones that give WiFi away, while the luxury properties milk ya for as much as $13.95 a day. In these times, WiFi should be free, and always.
Ours is free for residents and those having meals, others pay a bit.

6. Make your logins immediate and easy. I cannot count the times I plug in my laptop in my hotel room and I reach a dead web page. Then, maybe two minutes later-after I choose a wireless network- the hotel’s WiFi login page appears. This process should be quicker, if not immediate.
Ours is usually pretty quick.

A good chance to say "thanks" to Iconnect for their good service to Chanters Lodge, Livingstone! The map shows Iconnect coverage in Zambia.

Posted: 21 November 2007 at 18:42
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