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Did you ever catch up with any of my Cubicle Dreamin' spots on the blog? Actually Cubicle Dreamin' is a spot on the great site HotelChatter all about hotels in the world, including Chanters of course! Their Cubicle Dreamin' spot is for hoteliers working in their "cubicle" as they call it, dreaming of being somewhere else!

Well, when Jean-Michel and Helene Strobino sent me this wonderful picture of a beach on Zanzibar, let me tell you I was transported away from this damp, soggy, busy Livingstone - half a day off only since the beginning of December (yeah, yeah I hear your violins), rain every day including today, straight on to this superb beach! Sunbathing, sipping fruit cocktails, eating lobster, the works!

Hope it does it for you too!
Posted: 6 January 2008 at 08:37
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