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"Design prize? Nope! What prize then and why are you publishing this photo again when we already saw it the day the place opened?" You're asking "have you opened a stall?" No, I'm posting the photo again because, very nicely, the prize winner for this week's dinner for 2 with drinks, which we give away most Sundays on the Chanters Lodge Experience With The Milli Jam Ingredient radio show on Zambezi 107.5 fm, is a stall holder at the curio market! His name's Yorum!

There seemed to be bad network during the show making it hard to sms, so much so that one of our Guests, Andrew Kashita, speculated that either there was no-one listening or the listeners didn't like Chanters' food enough to bother to sms for the prize! What a cheek! In fact, apart from a network problem, Arnold who drives the taxi that helps take the girls home at night and himself a former prize winner, had part of the answer - "didn't know the name of the Arsenal player who broke his leg so I couldn't text" he told me. The question asked was indeed the name of the Arsenal player whose leg was broken in the match on Saturday.

Anyway, Yorum got it right and duly phoned in again yesterday to claim his prize, coming straight away for dinner in the garden with a friend. Thereby scotching Andrew's theory anyway. They ordered Grilled Chicken and T Bone Steak and it was only afterwards they told me they were stall holders at the curio market and had never been to Chanters before. They'd enjoyed it so much, they told me, they'd be recommending us to their clients in future! The curio market attracts a lot of tourists and if Chanters is well known amongst the stall holders down there, I'll be more than happy!

Good on you Yorum! What music does he like? Rock!

Posted: 26 February 2008 at 06:08
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