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This is about the last wedding photo I'll post for now (not mine I might add, much too classy!), and it's a gorgeous one of the now Mrs Laura Tucker! Here are some wedding and other quotes I can remember:

May 1 at Southampton station - "South West Trains regret to announce that the train to Weymouth is delayed by an hour and a half due to a lightning strike at Wimbledon!" (they didn't specify whether workers or electricity).

"Any worries Ruth?" I asked when I went to escort my sister across to the church on the day. "Yes, whether or not my hat will fall off!" It didn't.

"Are you alright Katie?" To the head bridesmaid. "Not really Richard, I can't move my neck because of my hair!"

"Have your rates increased Ray?" to the proprietor of Keepers Cottage who was coyily charging us £80 per room per night instead of the £70 we'd been told was the rate for our/his non-en-suite room. "Not really but you used the room during the day you see, and we're just bed and breakfast." The breakfast was good.

"I have a presentation to make to you, something I've been keeping for you since you were aged 2". Lewis Senior said to Lewis Junior at the family dinner on May 1st. He proceeded to pass the groom-to-be a wrapped jewellery box which, when investigated further, disappointingly to the bride-to-be revealed merely a marble!
"You see" continued Lewis Senior, "when you were 2 you swallowed that and your mother made me change your nappies until you'd disposed of it! It was such an unpleasant task I decided to keep it for you until you married, so you'd know the joys marriage might have in store for you!"

"Open it! Open it!" The bride-to-be to her fiancee after Lewis Senior had followed up the marble with an envelope. Junior wouldn't and just pocketed it!

"Of course Laura knew if I was called to Lords by the MCC on the day of her wedding a stand-in would be immediately available" - the bride's father Don during his speech, pointing at his identical twin brother Ken!

"Of course we're winning the Premiership" - the groom, a Chelsea season ticket holder, at various times during the three days! (Got that one wrong mate).

"Will you be going to Moscow for the Champions League Final, Lewis?" "No, I'll be selling my ticket to pay for next year's season ticket and taking Laura on honeymoon." (estimated sp for that ticket on the net, a cool £1000!)

"Which part of Italy are you from?" I asked the waitress at the excellent Italian restaurant in Dorchester where Ed, Jan, Tanya, Jo, Ireen and I dined the night before the wedding. "Poland" she replied!

"Are you Nigerian?" the only other girl of colour at the reception, to Ireen who was dressed in Nigerian traditional costume. "No" said Ireen I'm Zambian. "Bloody hell!" Replied the usher's wife who was Nigerian, "you're wearing my gear and I'm dressed like a Brit!"

"Lovely day isn't it?" Just about everybody who wasn't from Africa as the sun tried to struggle through the clouds, the wind got up and the temperature crept up to about 13 degrees!"

Well it was a lovely day wasn't it!?
Posted: 14 May 2008 at 05:27
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