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Check this great picture of my son Jan-Martijn and fiancee Jo in Livingstone, at the edge of the Falls on Livingstone Island, taken around October 2006 when they were accommodated at Chanters Lodge!

Significant picture? You bet!

Jan and Jo get married in London on Saturday 30th August and Ireen and I fly out for the wedding on Wednesday and plan to spend about 10 days in UK recharging the batteries (me), and shopping (Ireen). We'll meet up with my sisters Ruth and Lois too. I hope I can take some of our 'winter weather' to UK with me!

Jan's a chef at The Dispensary in London and Jo Technical Manager at the Design Museum.

The picture's significant too because Livingstone Island and Devil's Pool are just open again for the summer and proving as popular with visitors as ever.

So, if I don't blog every day for the next couple of weeks, or at all for that matter, you'll know that everything's fine! I can't wait for a break actually, and just hope the Chinese contractors have finished the road to our flat by the time we return. At the moment I'm sleeping at the Lodge as no cars are allowed on that road! What a pain! Ireen was in trouble with the contractors yesterday for driving her car across the wet tar so she could park at home while we're away! These people have made it so difficult for us to live ordinary lives while they fix the road.
Posted: 25 August 2008 at 05:02
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