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Is there some light at the end of the tunnel? Check this piece:

"Government has stepped-up efforts to open-up tourism offices in all the Zambian embassies abroad in a bid to promote Zambia’s tourism potential.Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources Minister Michael Kaingu says his ministry has since started holding meetings with Zambian envoys in the various countries in an effort to implement the programme.

Mr. Kaingu told ZANIS in an interview that the move is aimed at fulfilling the late President Levy Mwanawasa’s vision of enhancing the growth of the tourism sector. He pointed out that once implemented, the initiative will also help in spearheading the showcasing of Zambia’s tourism potential on the global market.

Mr. Kaingu further disclosed that government was considering revising the new Visa Fees.
He said this follows consultations with the Ministry of Finance and National Planning on whether Zambia would suffer heavily in terms of foreign earnings. He cited the United Kingdom, British Visa Fees and the United States Visa Fees as some of the Visa Fees that his ministry would consider revising.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kaingu has urged the people of Zambia to rally behind the Acting President Rupiah Banda in the forth-coming 30 October presidential elections. Mr. Kaingu said voting for Mr. Banda and the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) party in particular will help not disrupt the late President Levy Mwanawasa’s vision of uplifting the living standards of people and help to harness the growth of the country’s economy.

Mr. Kaingu, who is also Mwandi area Member of Parliament, said voting for the ruling party will also help the country to continue implementing developmental programmes which Dr Mwanwasa embarked on during his reign as Republican President. He has since appealed to Zambians to vote for Acting President Rupiah Banda whom he said was the only credible candidate committed to taking national development to greater heights."

The politics is heating up too..........
Posted: 19 September 2008 at 06:22
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