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If you can read this you'll have noticed that these days often when you go to my blog site on Yahoo 360, it'll only take you to entry 812 and not to the latest. A complaint to Yahoo 360 reveals a link to the following pathetic standard response which they've been dishing out for a year. (Of course you can always go the main Chanters Lodge site and check the daily blog posts from there - bang up to date thanks to Ed!)

"The Evolution of Yahoo! 360

On Yahoo!’s Q3 Earnings call yesterday, it was announced that we intend to transition Yahoo! 360 to a more integrated Yahoo! experience in early 2008. We want to provide additional information on this news and assure you that we will minimize any disruption to you and our valued Yahoo! 360 community. We also want to assure you that you can still use all the features of Yahoo! 360 until this transition takes place in early 2008.

We will be sharing specifics of this transition over the next several months, but we can tell you today that Yahoo! 360 will transition to a new universal Yahoo! profile that will be closely tied to other relevant services across Yahoo!, and will include improved blogging capabilities.

With the announcement of this transition, we assure you:

* We will preserve your Yahoo! 360 blog content, profile photo, nickname, and friends lists during and after the transition

* We will provide the right tools to move your blog content;

* We will give you ample notice before this transition begins in early 2008.

The vibrant community that has flourished on Yahoo! 360 is important to many people, and it is important to Yahoo!. Providing a smooth transition is a top priority for us, and we want to emphasize that we are committed to preserving your blog content and friends lists throughout the transition.

Many of you have asked if Mash, Yahoo!’s experimental profile service, will replace Yahoo! 360. We know this is an important question for many of you, and even more so given this news. We don't have all the answers today, but we are testing solutions, including Mash, in order to provide a more integrated universal Yahoo! profile throughout the Yahoo! network.

We hear your concerns. We are listening to your feedback, and we are committed to providing a more useful, engaging, and valuable service in the future.


The Yahoo! 360 Team"

What a load of out of date crap! Excuse my language!
Posted: 15 October 2008 at 05:16
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