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I suppose from the headline you think it might be an 'election special' but it's not!

Did you hear yesterday that scientists have discovered that copper fittings in hospitals reduce the risk of MRSA and other super bugs spreading in hospitals by about 95%? Check this from The Daily Telegraph in UK. "A study, funded by the copper industry, found copper fittings rapidly killed bugs such as MRSA and C difficile - bugs which claim thousands of lives a year. Trials at Selly Oak hospital, in Birmingham, found copper taps and toilet seats helped significantly reduce the presence of the bug.

Copper is a common constituent in medicines including antiseptic and antifungal creams. Although it is widely believed copper provides relief to many, including those with arthritis who wear copper bangles, there is no scientific evidence that they work. It is thought the presence of copper in the hospital wards prevents the germs from breathing and stops them from feeding.

The ten-week trial involved a set of taps, a toilet seat and a push plate on an entrance door on a medical ward being replaced by copper versions. They were swabbed twice a day for bugs, comparing the results with traditional versions elsewhere in the ward. It found the copper items had up to 95 per cent fewer bugs on their surface whenever tested.

Professor Tom Elliott, lead researcher and a consultant microbiologist at the hospital, said: "The findings of 90 to 95 per cent killing of those organisms, even after a busy day on a medical ward with items being touched by numerous people, is remarkable. I have been a consultant microbiologist for several decades. This is the first time I have seen anything like copper in terms of the effect it will have in the environment."

'It may well offer us another mechanism for trying to defeat the spread of infection." Should further trials prove as successful, the researchers hope to install copper fittings in hospitals throughout the country."

Why is this good news for Zambia? Because our economy depends so much on the sale of copper - up to 85% of our foreign exchange income and plenty of jobs. Not so fast -

Natural News says the following:
"Use copper on doorknobs, handles and other fittings around the hospital, and it reduces superbug populations by 95%. Why? Because copper is a powerful anti-bacterial element, much like silver. But the U.S. FDA won't allow copper (or silver) to be used in this way because doing so would require admitting that these metals have antibacterial properties. And that, of course, might hurt sales of profitable antibiotics from Big Pharma."

Now, how outrageous is that!
Posted: 2 November 2008 at 05:35
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