Bungee Kwameh!

I had this wonderful e mail from a Client Kwameh Anyona from Nairobi, Kenya who stayed with us recently at Chanters Lodge and was determined to do everything there was to do in Livingstone! The picture is of him bungee jumping – awesome! This is what he wrote:

“Hurtling down toward the boiling point. Just to confirm that I didn’t get the stamp at Chez Ntemba (one of our swinging local night clubs – ed) and that I did jump after all. They had a combo that day of slide, swing & bungi to promote the slide, which apparently is not very popular. Did the swing first to gather enough guts to do the bungi and it did help.

If you’re ever to recommend to any of your clients, the swing is much better, the FREE-FALL is to die for.

PS: 80% of the jumpers that day were either teenagers or kids. The adults would have none of it.”
“Free-Fall to die for” Kwameh? Well, yes, if you say so but not literally I hope…