Caitlin Papier

Our beautiful, talented and thoroughly Zambian violinist Caitlin Papier has a new website. Go to this link. You’ll find her on Twitter too @electricandlive Become her fan on Fb as well!

“Roaming between tables or sliding across table tops, performing mellow-mood-setters or rocking electrifying showstoppers. Whether she’s performing on a moving train, on top of a front-end loader, during a sunset cruise down the Zambezi or the Vaal, strutting down a catwalk, entertaining government officials or perhaps Royalty – Caitlin is an electric violinist that does things her way – with unstoppable energy and pure, uninhibited passion.

Born in Chingola and raised in Kitwe, Zambia – Caitlin is strikingly patriotic and devotedly African. She has represented Zambia at an International level, been commended by the Zambian President himself for ‘holding the Zambian flag high beyond Zambia’s borders’, she enjoys the constant and invaluable support of countless fellow Zambians, an ever increasing number of South Africans and a surprising International following.

Inspired by electric violin trail blazer, Vanessa Mae, Caitlin aims for rock star status in the meantime, she’s slowly pushing boundaries and stepping beyond the classical-crossover genre which has become so firmly associated with the electric violin – experimenting in the fields of ska, psy-trance, hip-hop, rock, pop and electro all in a quest to find her own sound – but don’t worry, she’ll play you some Vivaldi if you need her to.

Caitlin has been on stage since the age of 5 and discovered the violin at the age of 9. She has never been seriously classically trained but her place is undoubtedly on the stage with her electric violin, she lives for the spotlight and her love of performing is obvious to all.”