The Feeling Livingstone Lounge Experience

Meet Mirriam Angon (above), Spanish national but African veteran and Guest on the most recent edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay Hillz. It was Mirriam’s second experience on our show and on this edition Milli Jam was the ingredient as well as the feature because Jay was indisposed. The mood on the show was good, mainly because Arsenal had won away to Manchester City for the first time in years. MJ and I are both staunch Gooners!

Mirriam told listeners that the first time she’d been on our show it had been to talk about Feeling Africa’s lodge in North Luangwa National Park. “Do you still have the lodge?” Wondered Milli Jam, and Mirriam confirmed that they did, but at the moment it was closed due to the rains. “So tell us about the Feeling Livingstone Lounge” continued Milli Jam. Mirriam said that the lounge had been open for about a month and that it was located in Kabompo Road in downtown Livingstone, right next to Livingstone Fire Station in the former premises of Fezbar. The lounge is a restaurant and bar and has a Mediterranean menu featuring mostly dishes from Spain but from other Southern European countries too! The chef is a Spanish national whom they recruited from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. The girls offer cocktails, a full bar and a lovely lounge area where guests can relax in a quiet cool atmosphere enjoying their meals and drinks, listening to cool music. Prices are fair and they have created an environment where guests can sit around and relax after a great meal. For now they are open 08.00 -23.00 hrs daily, but as with all new projects they are still reacting to guest requirements. Currently they are employing ten people on the project.

The music on our show was good. We opened with our 2015 theme, TINA by Fuse ODG. We featured tracks from James Bay, Sia, JK, Ed Sheeran, Chimz Kelly and Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. Our oldie of the week was Salma’s ‘Overtime’ and the prize we give to the first person to text us the name of the artist on the oldie was quickly snapped up! Lucky Felistus won dinner for two with drinks at the lodge. My pick of the week was ‘Doing It’ a new track from Charlie XCX featuring Rita Ora. We closed with ‘Hotel’ from Kid Ink featuring Chris Brown.

Mirriam told us that she had been living and working in Africa altogether for more than ten years. Before becoming involved in Zambia she had spent two years in Senegal ‘with chimpanzees’ and another two years in Uganda ‘with the mountain gorillas’. She loved Uganda describing it as the most beautiful country in Africa. She also loves being in Zambia and really hopes their lodge in North Luangwa goes from strength to strength and that the new lounge project is a great success. Single she described herself as ‘spoken for by someone very far away”. “Spain?” asked Milli Jam. “No!” Replied Mirriam.

Hailing from Madrid Mirriam is a Real Madrid fan. We tried to convince her to support Arsenal as that day’s team had three Spaniards playing! She likes soft music but went on to say that her favourite band is Queen! ‘Lol’ We laughed.

Asked where she would like to be and what she would like to be doing 10 years from now, Mirriam said she would like to be “alive and on holiday with someone who loves me.” “Awww!” We said.


The Chanters Lodge Experiencee

The latest edition of our weekly Sunday night radio show on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station – The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring George da Soulchild Kaufela – really was a Chanters Lodge experience as the two guests on the show, pictured above, are both workers at the lodge – Susan Timwendila (left) and Phostinah Siabona. Susan told listeners that it was the second time she had appeared on the show but for Phostinah it was a first time experience. Susan is a ‘receptionist’ at the lodge but I mentioned on air that that job at the lodge is much more than it sounds as it also involves stores control, bar sales and control, as well as purchasing together with the normal duties of a receptionist/cashier. Phostinah told us that she was a chef. “What’s your favourite dish”? Milli Jam asked. “Chicken Schnitzel” the reply.

“How long have you both been working at Chanters Lodge?” Milli Jam wanted to know. Susan replied that 2014 would be her tenth year and that she had started work on Tuesday August 18th 2004 (she failed to mention the time). Phostinah told him that she had started work in the kitchen at the lodge on 14th May 2012. I’m sure if one went to the files, these exact dates would prove correct! Susan took the chance to greet her mum at home (“Hi mum!”) and told us that her family are regular listeners to the show. Phostinah said that her mum and dad were in Zimba.

“Is it true” George wanted to know “that Chanters Girls dance in the kitchen when the show airs each Sunday night?” “Yes!” The girls admitted. “We gather around our little radio and rock!” “Richard” George continued “do you want to know which Chanters Girls were dancing in which clubs for how many hours over New Year?” I agreed to buy the info after the show! We opened this show with ‘Do It All Over Again’ by Elyar Fox back to back with the latest hit from Shakira featuring Rihanna. George chose two Zambian tracks one by Shyman and the other from Angozed. Milli Jam picked Pitbull featuring Ke$ha and one of our favourites at the moment – ‘Rude’ by Magic. No-one won the prize we give each week to the first person to text us telling us the name of the artist on our oldie of the week – the track was Joan Osborne’s ‘What If God Was One Of Us?’ My pick was a new track from Rascal Flatts.

The guys wanted to know what the girls did when they were not working. Susie said she loved reading and house work, Phostinah said she liked cooking and listening to the radio. Both girls told listeners they were ardent Arsenal supporters mainly because it was not safe at the lodge to admit to supporting another team. The mood at work also often revolved around the Arsenal result, so the team needed the support. Just imagine! Music wise Susan said she liked R&B and country while Phostinah likes One Direction (is there a teenage girl anywhere in the world who does not?). Both girls said they were on Facebook ‘but not very active’.

Asked where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing ten years from now, Susie and Phosti both hoped to still have good jobs and to be doing well. “Marriage and children?” asked Milli Jam. “That too!” They said. The girls are a great asset to the lodge and their bright vivacious personalities came over well during the programme.


Zambia’s Rebased Currency

On January 1st 2013 Zambia’s currency will be rebased, removing three zeros from the existing money, with the introduction of new notes and coins. So, our highest unit of currency now K50,000 will be become K50. Our lowest unit K50 will become 5 ngwee. I guess. There are some samples of the new notes (above).

Our menu and drinks price list have to be reprinted and the process is underway.

Following new legislation in the course of the past year, we are now obliged to quote our prices in Zambian Kwacha and these will be shown on our soon to be revised website. So as not to confuse worldwide visitors to our website we are quoting in US$ alongside our 2013 room rates using the new K5 to 1US$ for the moment.

I guess everyone involved hopes that the Kwacha will hold its value for a year or two to make the operation a success. At least the chuckles when Guests ask the exchange rate and we tell them “K5000 to one” will be a thing of the past.

General confusion for a month or two? I should think so! I liked Barclays Bank’s invitation to a cocktail party next week to ‘thank our agents and to discuss the rebased currency’. I don’t drink but one can imagine some of the discussions about the new currency by those that do!

How will we feel no longer being millionaires? I suppose we’ll get used to it!


Guest Review – August 2011

We don’t usually reproduce guest reviews on the blog, after all they’re on our site for all to see. Sometimes, when they’re stunning like this one, it’s irresistable!

“I stayed here for four nights with my 12 year old son on holiday ‘between’ Joburg and Cape Town. The airport pickup and dropoff, as well as the lift to the Falls, was very welcome. We came to Zambia to have some fun – and we did. Richard, the owner, organised for us at our request, in advance, activities such as quad biking and power boating. When plans for these had to change at short notice, he did that for us, saving us hassle. The activities were great. We would have benefited from being told exactly how wet we would get on the power boating (be warned if you do it – absolutely totally drenched) so we could have known to take more suitable clothes. We loved it nevertheless!

The accommodation itself was comfortable and well looked after. It is not ‘posh’ but it does well. The wifi mainly worked well and was good value. The food was excellent – really tasty, well presented, loads of choice and fairly priced. It’s easy to eat there on successive occasions. I really enjoyed the pork chops. Breakfasts were included and very good. It was nice to eat indoors or alfresco overlooking the pleasant garden – which is small but very pretty with a wide variety of interesting plants. There are good places to sit and relax. The bar is pleasant and comnfortable with a good range of drinks and good service. When we wanted an early lunch, just some simple sandwiches – no problem, made exactly to our spec.

I also liked the lodge’s location. It is quite central to the town, totally secure, and well connected. It is in a ‘real’ area with locals around living their lives. There were some dogs barking nearby which was slightly annoying but no big problem.

This is a nice place with character and where our needs were taken good care of. It is not ‘posh’ but it is very comfortable. There are lovely warm showers, for example, and quick attentive service from Richard and his team. Definitely a very good place to stay.

Stayed August 2011, traveled with family”


Penny Black Restaurant, Chelsea, London

Loved this from my son Jan, Head Chef, in the latest newsletter from The Penny Black. Jan is pictured with his wife Jo on Livingstone Island during a visit to Zambia. He writes:

What a start to the life of The Penny Black Restaurant! We have lost count as to how many Beef Wellingtons have been served and the countless number of chocolate fondants that have been eaten! Our first private hire event for doctors from the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital went spectacularly well and we are looking forward to working with future clients.

Spring is now upon us and that means plentiful new ingredients.

I have a lovely recipe for a rump of lamb with warm new potato salad and sprouting broccoli which you should have a go at when you have a few moments spare!

– Marinate the rump in sliced onion, garlic and a few thinly chopped rosemary leaves for a few hours.

– Boil the new potatoes in plenty of salted water and whilst boiling, mix together cider vinegar, rapeseed oil, English mustard and chopped mint to make a dressing.

– Once the potatoes are cooked, toss the still warm potatoes through this dressing. Remove the lamb from the marinade, sear it in a pan on all sides, then put it in the oven at about 1900C for 12 minutes for rare and up to 16 minutes for medium.

– Blanch the sprouting broccoli in boiling water for a minute and a half, drain and add a knob of butter and a sprinkling of salt.

Thanks Jan!


Haines Nawa Munene

Meet Haines (pronounced Heinz) Nawa Munene (above), 23, Lozi by tribe, and the most recent guest on our Sunday night radio show – The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring George da Soulchild – airing from 20.30 – 21.30 hrs on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s popular local radio station. Haines is a sports presenter on the station as well as running a business with his sister importing and selling clothes. A live wire if ever there was one, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things soccer and a keen interest in rugby too. In this regard it was unfortunate that Haines appeared on our show on the same day it was announced that Owen Busange, famous Zambian rugby player and coach had been killed, together with two other people, in a traffic accident – we expressed our sincere sympathies on air.

Haines told listeners that he was educated at Linda Secondary School, that he’s a Chelsea supporter (editor sighs heavily) and that he had been involved with Zambezi fm since 2007 when he was picked by the station’s ‘Man On Sport’ Patrick Kasoka to help him present international and local sports news and current affairs twice per week on air.

Haines has 9 siblings and although his father has passed away, his mum still helps with the family business in Livingstone. “Almost a football team on its own” I commented drily. “And there are two sets of twins” was Haines’ retort! I asked him how he’d got his interest in soccer and he replied (quote) “at school we were some of those who enjoyed talking sport and not eating fritters during the breaks” (unquote). We laughed. What kind of music did he like? Reggae, R&B and Kalindula. Which local soccer team did he support? Power Dynamos in Kitwe.

The music on the show was great. We opened with the UK number one (as we do) Nicole Scherzinger’s ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ coupled with Ciara’s ‘If Only’. George chose Zonefam’s ‘Shaka Zulu’ and Exile’s ‘In Love With You’ for our standard two local tracks. Milli Jam chose Ne-Yo’s ‘Don’t Wanna Be In Love’ and Big Sean’s ‘My Last’. Bit obsessed with Ne-Yo is our Milli Jam, but we love it! Taio Cruz and ‘Telling The World’ then Pitbull featuring Kacy with ‘Castles Made of Sand’ closed the programme.

We gave away the usual dinner for two to the first person to text us telling us what job Haines did at 107.7 fm and we had an excellent response. The winner was Mapalo but the guys in the studio couldn’t tell me if this was a boy or a girl’s name. As soon as we announced the name of the winner we received another text message from Mapalo telling us that she was all girl and that she was coming to the lodge on Tuesday for dinner! More laughter. We sometimes wonder if the weekly prize is the only reason people listen to the show! Surely not…

We asked Haines about his ambitions for the future. He told listeners that he wanted the football team he’s involved with in Livingstone – Eastlands FC – to make a lot of progress in Zambian football and that in 10 years’ time he’d like to be a presenter on SkySports in UK. By 2020 he wanted to be married.

“Go for it”! We said.


Chilli Pickle, Brighton

Our vacations in UK are usually spent, for the most part in Brighton, where my son Ed is based – a fair amount of eating out is usually involved! So, this piece on HotelChatter caught my eye – the name too – chilli pickle happens to be brilliantly made in Zambia by Rivonia and was the subject of a previous blog post. Can’t wait to try the restaurant next time we’re in Brighton.

“The ever-burgeoning London hotel scene may have most of our attention at the moment, but we’re far from immune to the charms of Brighton, especially with the news that one of our favorite fun hotels there, myhotel Brighton, has just opened a restaurant devoted to one of our favorite foods: curry.

Not just any restaurant, either – it’s the new site for The Chilli Pickle, which won the prize for most innovative restaurant at last year’s British Curry Awards, and received two AA rosettes and a Michelin BiB Gourmand thing too. The restaurant got all its plaudits (and rave TripAdvisor reviews) in its old location in Meetings House Lane but it’s now upped sticks to the hotel, and opened its doors Monday.

It’s owned by the same team and will have the same menu as before, as well as introducing some new dishes from a recent trip to India.

Prices are really reasonable, too: vegetable dishes from £3.50, mains from £6.95 and thalis for £9.95 for lunch and from £12.95 for dinner. The one to go for? The new Mutton Laal Mans – pieces of mutton in hot red chilli gravy from Rajasthan, courtesy of their latest trip.


The Jolly Fisherman, London

For all you Zambian foody fans in UK here’s some good news for you in London!

The Jolly Fisherman, at 108 North St, Barking, Essex, the only Zambian owned pub in the United Kingdom has told UKZAMBIANS that they will be working together with Fredor (a Zambian owned restaurant) to offer Zambian food in the pub.

Bernard Chisanga, owner of The Jolly Fisherman said: “We have been talking to Ms. Mubiana for a while and now a mature agreement is in place to offer Zambian meals during the weekend at the Jolly Fisherman. This will make sure that Zambians and non-Zambians alike who come to enjoy our drink will also enjoy a proper Zambian meal (nshima, chibwabwa, ifishimi,etc) in one place. Our patrons will from this weekend onwards enjoy their drink and food with full Zambian flavor”.

In a separate interview, Ms. Dorothy Mubiana, owner of FREDOR, confirmed the new partnership as a way forward for Zambians demonstrating a model working partnership for Zambians living overseas. Ms. Mubiana said: “Zambians need to work together for the good of every Zambian, not running away from each other, particularly Zambians living abroad”. She said, they had discussed the partnership with The Jolly Fisherman for more than a year and she was very pleased that they had finally agreed the modalities. “We have done all the work and I am calling everyone out there to come with their friends and family to enjoy an authentic Zambian dish starting this weekend, 26th February and onwards every weekend Saturdays and Sundays”.

Ms Mubiana added that apart from selling Zambian cooked food, she has uncooked Zambian beans, peas, maize, peanuts, sweet potatoes, pumpkins leaves, smoked caterpillars, Kapenta, etc. She can be contacted on 07947 106 429.

We wish them the best of luck!


Penny Black Restaurant, Chelsea, London.

As you may have seen earlier in the week, my son Jan-Martijn has recently been appointed Head Chef at Penny Black Restaurant in Fulham Road, Chelsea. Opening is scheduled for the 3rd week in February, so you can imagine the hectic pace of his life at the moment. The photo of Chef doing dangerous things at Victoria Falls was taken some years back! I’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the menu and I’ve chosen the following to tickle your taste buds!

London Particular
As I haven’t a clue what it is!

Mussels & Cockles, Cider & Mustard Broth, Carrots, Kohlrabi & Cress
It reminded me of Sweet Molly Malone as she walked the streets broad and narrow – and the dish sounds thoroughly exotic

Pigs Head Terrine, Pear Chutney, Toast Brawn sounding favourite and I love pears – and chutney for that matter!

Ginger Pig Sausages & Mashed Potatoes

Roast Lemon Chicken, Bread Sauce & Vegetables
A firm favourite, especially the Bread Sauce

Pigeon Pie, Bacon and Red Cabbage
Something I’ve never eaten but sounds very ‘London’

Chocolate & Rum Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream
Just this thanks very much!

Made your mouth water? I bet it has!



A firm favourite on the Chanters Lodge menu! We serve Kapenta in 3 different ways. Fresh, shallow fried as a starter. Dried, cooked with onion, tomato and garlic. For both these dishes we use the smaller variety of the fish. Then, we have our new speciality the larger ‘Mpulungu Kapenta’ cooked with groundnuts, onion and tomato and served with Nsima and pumpkin leaves! Mmm! Delicious!

This from Lusaka Times

Kapenta, a type of fish also known as small fresh water sardine, has several chemical compositions that help reduce the risk of various diseases including prostate cancer. Kapenta is a small fresh water sardine that originated from Lake Tanganyika.

Two species are known to exist; the Limnothrissa miodon and the Stolothrisssa Tanganicae. Both these species are planktivorous and pelagic. It has several other names in countries where it is found. A recent chemical composition analysis of kapenta by the National Food and Nutrition Commission (NFNC) shows a great variation in the nutrient composition for the dry and fresh fish.

NFNC principal nutritionist Mr Musonda Mofu says dry kapenta contains 209 calories of food energy compared with 85 calories of food energy in fresh Kapenta. In addition, dry Kapenta contains 63 grammes of protein and only 16 grammes in fresh Kapenta. Overall this shows that, per portion, there are more benefits in dry kapenta than in fresh Kapenta.

The nutrition problems of iron deficiency and vitamin A deficiency can also be addressed by consuming kapenta as it has a high content of these minerals. Overall, 8.5 miligrammes (mg) of iron can be derived from dry Kapenta and 2.1 mg from fresh Kapenta.

In general, Kapenta is a healthy food and very rich in protein. It also has low levels of saturated fat and is a rich source for omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. As a result of this chemical composition, Kapenta, like other fishes, may reduce the risk of disease including prostate cancer, depending on the frequency of consumption.

Kapenta is also rich in Vitamin B12, which is important in the promotion of cardiovascular well being since it is intricately tied to keeping levels of homocysteine in balance. Homocysteine can damage artery walls and elevated levels could be a risk for atherosclerosis. Allergic reactions can occur from virtually any food. A number of allergic reactions to kapenta have been reported.

Oral allergies in which the mouth itches or tingles after eating kapenta are common in some individuals. Other reactions have been linked to anaphylaxis which is a severe systemic reaction in which the body releases large amounts of histamine. When allergies are observed, it is recommended to see a doctor for assessment and advice.

Kapenta is key on the menus of many Zambians. It can be used to promote protein consumption especially among the poor. Consumption of whole kapenta is also helpful as the intestines of kapenta provide a rich source of micronutrients.

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