Hagenbeek Family on 107.7 fm!

It was a great pleasure to host Nadia, Dinanda, Detlev and Edwin Hagenbeek from Utrecht, Holland on The Chanters Lodge Experience, our Sunday night radio show on Zambezi Radio 107.7 fm last Sunday, and with Milimo (Milli Jam), George (Soulchild) and myself on hand too, the studio was very full – great fun nevertheless! The family photo was taken outside our new offices just before we left for the studio, Nadia left to right!

The Hagenbeek’s had stayed at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone for a few days last week before setting off for the Kafue National Park in the hope of seeing cheetah. They weren’t lucky with that, but had a great time anyway. One of their special moments was an audience with His Excellency the Litunga in Mongu, King or the Paramount Chief of the Lozi people! They also enjoyed a visit to Sioma Falls. The rest of us admitted shamefacedly we’d never been there, but agreed we’d love to!

It was the second of the Hagenbeeks’ trips to Zambia in a short time. They’d been here last year but were suddenly recalled to Holland when Dinanda’s father became very ill and subsequently passed away. We were sorry to hear this sad news. This year the family decided to come back and see what they’d missed in Zambia. I don’t think, though, they’d thought about guesting on the Chanters Lodge Experience! As mentioned The Hagenbeeks are from Utrecht, and Edwin has been responsible for training Zambians nurses in Katete, though this trip they didn’t visit the East. Dinanda also has a health related project on the Copperbelt.

It was nice to talk to Nadia, 14 going on 19, who rocked to the music we played and told listeners she wasn’t yet sure what she wanted to do when she was through College (though Robin van Persie got a mention.) Detlev 10 was nervous because of speaking in English but told listeners that he was very interested in photography and was waiting to see the photos of leopards he’d taken in Kafue! Wish I spoke another language as well as Detlev.

Music? George, I hope, will write up the Zambian content, Milli Jam was into BoB ‘Nothing On You’ again, and I chose ‘Just To Be Good To Be Green’ by Prof Green ft Lilly Allen and ‘Bang Bang Bang’ Mark Ross and The Business. Oh! And we played ‘Love The Way you Lie’. Great track from Rihanna and Eminem which we all loved!

On Monday we put the family on to the Mazhandu Family Bus Service 09.00 hrs service to Lusaka to start the next stage of their adventure, which is a trip from Kapiri Mposhi north of Lusaka, all the way to Dar Es Salaam by train. They have family in Dar and hope to have a rest on those beautiful Tanzanian beaches. It’s unusual for European or American families to take all the surprises that Africa can offer, both good and not so good, with such patience and good grace as Edwin, Dinanda and their great kids do!

On the show we tried, but failed, not to mention Holland not winning the World Cup! We gave away a dinner for two at Chanters to the first listener to text us the Hagenbeeks’ country of origin and we greeted Guests, Staff and Family! The prize was quickly snapped up!


Lucky Winners!

Last Sunday’s show on Zambezi Radio 107.7 fm -The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring George Soulchild – was different! Earlier in the week on a blog we mentioned that we presented prizes to the lucky members of staff who had won our World Cup Sweepstake. It was also a chance for me to thank the staff generally for their hard work and loyalty, and believe me we see plenty of examples of that! They are a good team. It was a way for us to celebrate the unexpectedly bad business of the World Cup – sometimes you must celebrate failures to see where you can go next!

We played some pretty hot tracks on the programme – not just in Zambia either ‘Aeroplanes’ by BoB and ‘Love The Way You Lie’ with Eminem and Rihanna though we had to censor the swearing. ‘Our Kind of Love’ by Antebellum and Miriam Lambert’s ‘The House That Built Me’ are latest and my type of thing. ‘Candy’ by Aggro Santos had them hopping. Check them out, those tracks are international chart-toppers!

We thought the prize winners waiting at the back of the studio to be brought forward to get their prizes would dance but it didn’t happen! They all had something to say the listeners though, and all showed and told how much progress they’ve made in their jobs in the past couple of years. Why did most of the prizes go to those in the kitchen? I’m not sure, perhaps God had something to do with that!

Having gotten rid of the World Cup coming on TV at the same time as our radio show, we now have Idols and Big Brother Africa clashing with us, so we’ll still have to fight TV for our audience and we will. We have a feeling that the lodge and restaurant business in Livingstone in the next two years is going to be a fight for market too! We’ll do our best to be right in there!

There’s another nice picture of the winners: Alice, far left 2nd, Aggy next to Alice 1st and Melinda last right 3rd. The others? All winners too!


Chanters Lodge – Winners!

Last night on our local radio show, The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Soulchild, which goes out on Zambezi Radio 107.7 fm every Sunday night at 20.30 hrs we brought our three prize winners from the staff at Chanters Lodge to collect their winning cheques on air! What had they done to win prizes? Drawn the right teams in the World Cup!

Left to right Melinda Silumbwa, Receptionist, who finished 3rd (she had both Germany and Uruguay!), Agness Mwale a cook from the kitchen who won with Spain, and at the front Alice Nankamba, Acting Head Cook, who is still so sad that Holland lost, Milli Jam, our DJ also in the picture, couldn’t even get her to smile! Getting girls to smile is normally his speciality!

This was a special one off motivational draw for the staff, hoping that the lodge would do great business during the period of the World Cup – that didn’t happen! But a promise is a promise and the winners shared the equivalent of US$300 financed by management.

Congratulations to them all! On tomorrow’s show, some more about last night’s radio’s programme!


Nicholas S Muscara

It was kind of Nicholas, pictured above in the Chanters Lodge restaurant with Chanters Girls Monica and Susan, to appear this week on our radio show – The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring George Soulchild. Why? Because the show goes out on Livingstone’s Zambezi Radio 107.7 fm at 20.30 hrs every Sunday night, and that just happened to be the time the World Cup Final was on TV! We offered a prize for anyone to tell us by text if there was a score before we went off air and by whom. Half time it was 0-0. Lol, as they say!

“Why?” Milli Jam asked me, a bit mournfully, as the show started, didn’t you cancel the programme because of the football?” I told him our reasons – we believed quite a few people watch football on TV and listen to our show on their phones at the same time. There are plenty of people, especially ladies, who don’t like football and prefer our show. Then, what about people without access to a TV? And, Oh! I added, “we’re under contract!” Enough said.

Nicholas Muscara our Guest for the show is an interesting young man, studying for a BA at the University of Rice in Texas, he’s currently on a short assignment in Zambia researching the history of restaurants in Livingstone. I came across him, his professor and a couple of other students having lunch at Chanters. Nicholas asked me if he could interview me on his subject some time. I agreed on the understanding that he’d appear as our Guest on this week’s show. And so the deal was done.

I gave Nicholas an extended interview off air, and answered a few questions on the show about where I thought tourism was heading in Livingstone in general. “Why?” George Soulchild “have you invited someone as a Guest on the show who’s not staying at the Lodge?” We laughed. Jolly Boys, where Nicholas is staying, the famous backpackers in Livingstone, have always been good supporters of Chanters Lodge so that’s not an issue.

Music wise it was a mixed bag. There were three Zambian tracks and this week I’m hoping George’s supplementary blog will tell us what was played, who played the tracks and in what language they were recorded etc. He’s promised ‘tomorrow’. Milli Jam chose ‘Lost’ recorded by BoB ft IT – a favourite track of Milimo’s at the moment, Fire by Stone ft Judy – didn’t do much for me. We closed with Usher’s – Daddy’s Home. I chose some mundane stuff – Snow Patrol – ‘Chasing Cars’ and ‘Human’ by The Killers. Brandy’s ‘Right Here Departed’ for the England team.

Nicholas told us he has a girlfriend Molly in High School in North Carolina. Serious? It seems so. Nicholas seemed a rather serious young man anyway. As part of his research he’d been down to the main local market to cook nsima with the market ladies. Now that I’d like to have seen! Had he enjoyed the experience? Yes! And I hope the help we gave him with some of our knowledge of Livingstone Restaurants over the years has helped his research, and that he enjoyed coming on the show too!

Next week’s programme will feature the winners of our World Cup Competition for the Chanters Girls! We will guest Man On Sport – Patrick Kasoka, finding out more about him and having him present the girls their winnings!


Julie Sanger on 107.7 fm

Meet Julie Sanger from Southern England as she appeared as a Guest with us on our regular Sunday night radio show The Chanters Lodge Experience! The show goes out live on local radio after the news at 20.30 hrs on Zambezi Radio 107.7 fm, and reaches listeners within a radius of about 50 or 60 kilometres!

Julie had been a Guest at Chanters Lodge last week for a couple of nights, prior to joining up with the crew of the Book Bus, about which we’ve written and blogged before! Julie featured on radio for us to remind people about this amazing bus that goes around various schools in Livingstone at this time of year, showing and reading books to youngsters. Like most ‘voluntary’ work these days, Book Bus volunteers do pay to participate. The Livingstone children just love this bus.

Julie usually works with the National Health Service in UK but is taking about a nine month break to travel, including an overland trip, after her Book Bus stint, through Botswana, Namibia and then on to South Africa. She has friends in Cape Town and she told listeners she was really looking forward to seeing and spending time with them. Julie told us about her job and her family, and said she was especially proud of her 28 year old daughter who just last week had qualified as a solicitor. Congratulations all round!

The music was a really mixed bag. We opened with our old theme tune ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley and played PSquare ‘Gimme That’. Drake’s ‘Find Your Love’ is really popular in Zambia at the moment and though Julie our Guest didn’t know too much of the music we played, she did know the ever popular ‘Closest Thing To Crazy’ by Katie Melua. It was a bit of a crazy show as we also featured Billy Currington’s huge smash US country hit ‘People Are Crazy’. We do play Zambian tracks every week on the show and I hope George will soon start writing a blog feature for us – I’m afraid I think it’s beyond me!

Of course there was talk of the World Cup and football. Milli Jam and George wanted to know how the Chanters Lodge competition was going along. We reported that Melinda from reception, and Agness from the kitchen looked the most likely winners. Who did I want to win the World Cup? Holland of course! Two of my ‘children’ are half Dutch. By this time next week we’ll all know who’s won!

We gave a prize to the first person to text us Julie’s nationality, British, and the regular dinner for two at Chanters Lodge was quickly snapped up by an alert listener.


Nate Sinyangwe Plays 107.7 fm & Suite 1!

When Nate, Laura and Liana Sinyangwe (above) arrived at Livingstone Airport at 16.30 hrs on Sunday (when I was happily missing the Germany v England debacle on TV), the first thing I said to them was ‘will you do me a favor for a favor?’! “Why not?” answered Nate straight away, as daughter Liana tripped along excitedly beside him. “What’s the deal?”

Well, I said, “we’ll give you our new executive suite at the normal double rate you booked for your stay, and you can be the first people ever to stay in it, – IF – you’ll appear on the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient ft George Soulchild (as well as Zambia’s most famous part time mzungu DJ!) live at 20.30 hrs on 107.7fm tonight! Nate and Diana were delighted with the deal and though we were sorry Laura and Liana couldn’t make it for the show, just too travel weary! Nate was great value. So too was the suite!

“Is it true you work for BP“? We wanted to know on the show. “In the Gulf of Mexico?” “No Alaska!” “What are you doing about the spill in the Gulf?”. Nate admitted there wasn’t much they could do until the new pressure wells were finished. Nate had been educated at Hill Crest School near Chanters Lodge so his was a nostalgic visit home with his wife and cute daughter. Good example too, of what determined and bright young Zambians can do we said!

We played Treysongz – I’m so deep into that at the moment, ‘Already Taken’ and ‘Missing You’. We played Mumpi – Fever and Gyptian Hold Ya! So Nate could catch up on his Zambian latest and overall musically we had a good selection as usual.

We gave away the normal dinner for 2 at Chanters Lodge – quickly snapped up, for the first texter telling us which country Nate lives in now! Thanks Guys!


Poor Skippy!

Thanks to Roger Jones (again!)

Kiddies’ party costume $100

National flag 50c

Return flights $2500

Accommodation $2500

Budweiser beers at stadium $50 x 3

Entertainment & local sheilas $1000

Result: Germany 5 Australia 0

Post-match photo . . . . PRICELESS ……

Post-match photo . . . . PRICELESS


Livingstone Island

Here’s the good news from Tongabezi:

Full View
Livingstone Island Reopening

After nearly 2 months break due to the high water levels in the Zambezi River and the Falls , the Livingstone Island activity is about to reopen on the 09th June 2010.

This will not mean swimming in Devil’s Pool just yet but it’ll make an amazing excursion to see the Falls close up.

Let us know if you’d like to book through Chanters Lodge


Chanters Lodge, 2010 World Cup Sweepstake!

We have a 2010 World Cup Sweepstake for all our staff at Chanters Lodge Livingstone with prizes donated by management. The winning ticket gets K1m!

We pooled the participating teams into 3 pots but as there are only 32 teams and 12 staff, and 12 into 32 won’t go, we added a few blanks in each of the pots!

The draw was made by Milli Jam our DJ on the Chanters Lodge Experience on 107.7 fm with the help of our German guest Mr Hilbert on his way to the tournament on his huge BMW Motorbike.

Winning Team : ZK1m
Runner Up: K350,000
3rd Place : K100,000
Top Scorer : If you win, Dinner for 2 at Chanters

Just some of the highlights of the draw:
Pool 1

Max: Brazil
Agness: Spain
Susan: England
Melinda: Germany
Sandy: South Africa

Pool 2
Mushiba: Ivory Coast
Alice: Cameroon
Lynette: Denmark
Junior: Australia

Pool 3
Anny: Serbia
Monica: Slovakia

Top Scorers
Max: Torres
Melinda: Rooney

Check the picture to see if they were excited!

We’ll keep updating you!

Winners to be announced after the tournament!


World Cup For The Rich

I was sent this the other day in relation to South Africa

“Surely not too many people will shell out R15,000 (about ZK10m!) plus VAT for a table at a dinner where the FIFA boss Mr Blatter will offer his views on “The Socio-Economic Impact of the World Cup on SA”. We already know that the answer is “precious little”. One reason for this is that in return for enormous sums of money, FIFA have assured their so-called commercial partners that the obedient South African authorities will close all possible competitor businesses for miles around the sacred grounds and routes. Fans coming to the Moses Basket in Durban for example, will find that the Sky Car which travels up the handle of the basket, the pubs, coffee shops and stores in the precinct all closed and shuttered throughout the tournament. Curio and trinket sellers have been chased away and their stock confiscated. There won’t even be beer for sale.

The “One Light One TV” headline was not a new electioneering slogan but the warning that in order to ensure enough power to keep the stadium lights burning, the rest of us might need to switch off all our other stuff. Reportedly one of the president’s wives is already setting an example in this matter. Actually that might just make the parties go even better. Drink fast before the beer gets warm. We are going to have a great World Cup even if it is a round ball being chased by fragile and overpaid primadonnas.”

Interesting. From our point of view as a small guest house in Livingstone, Zambia, it doesn’t look as if we’ll have a lot of spin off from the World Cup, although we do have one or two related reservations.

I also strongly suspect we’ll have major electricity load shedding during the period, as Zambia sells it’s power to the south to keep the stadium lights burning. Only 2% of World Cup tickets have been sold to non South African Africans – most Zambians may miss a lot of games because of power cuts. As one of my sons said the other day – a World Cup for the rich, not for Africa.

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