George da Souldchild-Kaufela, co-host of our Sunday night radio show ‘The Experience’ on Zambezi 107.7 fm, upcoming singing star, as well as our valuable and regular blog contributor keeps an eye on the local Zambian music scene for us!  Here’s his latest report on CQ and music piracy in Zambia!

“Fans of CQ may have to wait a while longer to get his new album because the ‘Waziba’ hit maker isn’t releasing one any time soon. CQ has revealed by interview from the USA that he’s not making a solo album because of piracy, but instead he will focus on making an album with OC. The album is being exclusively produced by OC, Mister of California and Wreckless from Florida. CQ’s latest song “Ndekeleni” with Exile is enjoying massive airplay on local radio stations and his Digital X produced JK featured “Multi Lover” tune is excellent, but he insists that he is not releasing any album soon.

“I don’t see myself releasing a solo album anytime soon, mainly because the system in Zambia is pathetic. We (musicians) invest too much and get too little out of albums, so I’d rather run with the new trend of just releasing singles. We get badly pirated after all the effort we put in, even going quiet for a year hoping that when the album is out it will make a lot of noise, only to find that pirates have poached maybe two songs and have then made what they call ‘Zed Compilation’. This gives an impression that your album only has two hot songs which I find unfair. So, as long as the system doesn’t change I’m not changing my mind”, he revealed.

The star who is tight lipped about the collaborative album he’s recording in the USA with OC said he’ll focus on doing shows as he makes more money from them than from making an album. CQ says that music is a big part of his career but he has other lucrative ventures that take up a lot of his time. He’s a print model for Black Rose and an actor who retains a permanent role as a barman in Kabanana. He also runs his own record label, Extra Large Entertainment, and is now looking in to opening a fashion clothing line to be called CQ Muzukulu.

Wish him the best of luck!