Feeling Africa

Guests on tomorrow night’s radio show are the Angon sisters from Feeling Africa Ltd. Learn more next week when we publish the blog following the show – especially about their camp in the North Luangwa!

Feeling Africa Ltd team is based in Livingstone, only 10 kms away from the wonderful Victoria Falls on Zambian side. They are much more than a travel agency, offering safaris is not their job, it’s their way of life : feeling the wild Africa. They do not expect you just looking at the surroundings, they want you to really experience all the emotions of this special part of the world and hope you always keep in your mind those feelings.

These are the ladies:

From Madrid, Spain, in love with Nature and active protecting and defending animal rights. She left her job in a big movies company to make her dream comes true : living in Africa, among the wild animals and waking up every morning with the sounds of the wild.
The youngest of the team, she discovered and fell in love with Africa while cooperating in a Jane Goodall Institute project in Sénégal, helping the anthropologist Jill Pruetz. Then she worked as an Overland guide in Uganda and Rwanda. Now, she spends most of her time in Zambia, in love with Africa’s animals and smiles !
French with African roots, found of nature and wild open spaces, traveling throughout Africa since she was a child. She left her job as project manager to go back to the continent she came from, feeling the freedom with the wild life.