Great Review

Wow! This was the first review of Chanters Lodge to appear on TripAdvisor after our return from annual leave last weekend. What a wonderful welcome to go with that afforded to us at Livingstone Airport from family and friends! Our ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ is in bloom too (see the picture above) but the really hot September weather is making the garden look a bit wilted. I wonder if we’ll have early rain after this early heat?

“We arrived at Chanters after losing a day travelling after a disrupted flight from Australia. With (much appreciated) assistance from Richard and Anastacia rearranging our Livingstone activities, we were immediately able to relax and settle into what turned out to be a most wonderful holiday.

The rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable. The restaurant has an indoor/outdoor aspect by the garden for ambience. The hotel is safe. The staff are friendly. It has a nice local feel. It is easy to access other Livingstone attractions/activities. Total thumbs up from me.

Richard knows the area, what is good to do and listens to what you want to do. He has a knack of giving just the right amount of advice and direction as you individually need. Thus making your stay in Livingstone as easy, comfortable, and as customised as you want it.

This is my second stay and I would stay again.”

Thanks! You’d be most welcome!