Hotel Art

I loved this from Hotel Chatter

“Is the WiFi free? Does the gym have good machines? All these things get noticed when checking into a hotel, but what about the atmosphere of the place—specifically the art on the walls or on the floor? We’re highlighting properties around the world that do their artwork right, and the specific pieces you should stare long and hard at when next you drop by.

Today: The The Peninsula Tokyo’s “Void” by Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu.

You’ve just checked in to The Peninsula in Tokyo and you head up in the elevator to your room floor, and the first thing that greets you when the elevator doors open are several windows that look out into….nothingness. You’ve just discovered one of the many artworks tucked around the Peninsula, but this is a major guest favorite. It’s called “The Void” and it’s literally the center of the hotel, the space they couldn’t develop but could turn into an area for suspended sculpture.