Is Banksy Santa Claus?

Here’s something different and a fantastic gesture from Banksy. The Poke reports:

“Is Banksy Father Christmas? They both move around at night, they both keep their identities a secret and now it seems they can both be everywhere at once. One thousand of Britain’s poorest families woke up this morning to find the wheelie bins outside their homes had been turned into ‘Osama Bins’ – original pieces of Banksy art worth thousands of pounds. (See above).

The Osama Bins appeared in London, Bristol, Cardiff, Newcastle and Glasgow. Unsurprisingly Banksy himself was unavailable for comment and due to the levels of secrecy surrounding the art terrorist, so was his spokesperson. However, a spokesperson for his spokesperson, speaking through an intermediary, admitted that the Osama Bins were indeed Banksy’s handiwork. Were they a comment on the disposable nature of a culture driven by fear? “No.” Could an explanation be offered as to how the artist graffitied one thousand bins up and down the country in a single night? “No.” What was the significance of placing an image of the West’s most hated figure into the very hearth of its poverty? “None.”

Not everyone was so tight-lipped. “It’s a miracle,” said one lady who asked not to be named. “I was struggling to convince the kids that two pigeons killed with a catapult is how they have Christmas dinner in Greenland. Now I can sell my bin for £30,000, buy them all the turkey or facepaint they want and move out of this shithole. Thanksy, Banksy – you’ve made my Christmas!”