Julie Sanger on 107.7 fm

Meet Julie Sanger from Southern England as she appeared as a Guest with us on our regular Sunday night radio show The Chanters Lodge Experience! The show goes out live on local radio after the news at 20.30 hrs on Zambezi Radio 107.7 fm, and reaches listeners within a radius of about 50 or 60 kilometres!

Julie had been a Guest at Chanters Lodge last week for a couple of nights, prior to joining up with the crew of the Book Bus, about which we’ve written and blogged before! Julie featured on radio for us to remind people about this amazing bus that goes around various schools in Livingstone at this time of year, showing and reading books to youngsters. Like most ‘voluntary’ work these days, Book Bus volunteers do pay to participate. The Livingstone children just love this bus.

Julie usually works with the National Health Service in UK but is taking about a nine month break to travel, including an overland trip, after her Book Bus stint, through Botswana, Namibia and then on to South Africa. She has friends in Cape Town and she told listeners she was really looking forward to seeing and spending time with them. Julie told us about her job and her family, and said she was especially proud of her 28 year old daughter who just last week had qualified as a solicitor. Congratulations all round!

The music was a really mixed bag. We opened with our old theme tune ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley and played PSquare ‘Gimme That’. Drake’s ‘Find Your Love’ is really popular in Zambia at the moment and though Julie our Guest didn’t know too much of the music we played, she did know the ever popular ‘Closest Thing To Crazy’ by Katie Melua. It was a bit of a crazy show as we also featured Billy Currington’s huge smash US country hit ‘People Are Crazy’. We do play Zambian tracks every week on the show and I hope George will soon start writing a blog feature for us – I’m afraid I think it’s beyond me!

Of course there was talk of the World Cup and football. Milli Jam and George wanted to know how the Chanters Lodge competition was going along. We reported that Melinda from reception, and Agness from the kitchen looked the most likely winners. Who did I want to win the World Cup? Holland of course! Two of my ‘children’ are half Dutch. By this time next week we’ll all know who’s won!

We gave a prize to the first person to text us Julie’s nationality, British, and the regular dinner for two at Chanters Lodge was quickly snapped up by an alert listener.