Livingstone Water Supply

 Just when we are considering adding an additional 5000 litre water reserve at Chanters Lodge – to make a total of 33,000 litres, this piece from NANCY MWAPE in Livingstone for the Zambia Daily Mail catches my eye! Note the paragraph that I’ve underlined. Now, do we believe them or do we go ahead with the additional tank? Considering their unfulfilled promises of the past we’ll probably go ahead!

“Government has given K65 million (US$12m) to Southern Water and Sewerage Company (SWASCO) to help it stabilise water supply in Livingstone before, during and after the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) general assembly this month. And Government, through the UNWTO health and green local sub-committee, has procured a mobile diagnostic laboratory worth K46,000 for testing water in residential areas of Livingstone during and after the conference.

SWASCO acting director of operations Gift Monde confirmed the development in a recent interview. Mr Monde said with the funds received from Government, SWASCO has installed equipment at Zambezi water intake to stabilise supply of the commodity in the tourist capital. “When the project is completed, we are assuring our customers in Livingstone that they will have a 24-hour supply of water. The project also covers highlands of Livingstone which are the worst hit by water shortage,” he said.

And Mr Monde said the mobile diagnostic laboratory will enhance water quality assurance.”