Llama Encounter

Sorry, no, not in Livingstone, Zambia, not yet anyway! This is Ashwood Lllamas from North Devon, UK where Kevin and Vicki Woodward have started a Llama Experience! I’m not the only one fascinated by this, Kevin has more than 2500 followers on Twitter @llamakevin, which is where I found them!

Here’s all about it:

“Do you fancy a few hours experiencing some time with our llamas?

What we offer – 3 hours of our time, showing you around our smallholding, and giving you the opportunity to get up close and personal with some, if not all of our llamas.

* First, we’ll do a short introduction, including the essential health and safety rules. We’ll give you some history of llamas in general, some useful facts about the way they will behave, and what you should expect from handling them.
* Next, along with the help from one of your party, we’ll bring some of the llamas up to the holding pen, where you can all get to say hello!
* Here, we will show you how to halter the llama, and each member of the party (one at a time) can groom a llama and have that one to one photo opportunity.
* Next, we will take two llamas for a short stroll around our land, this will most likely be Wilbur & Cusco, and you can have the opportunity to lead them. If your party is more than 2, we can go around again, so that everyone has the chance to lead. The stroll is far to short to be called a trek, but will take 15 – 20 minutes.
* On our return, it will be treat time, the llamas will be rewarded and you’ll have the chance to give them their treats.
* Then, a chance to wander over and see our other llamas, our goats, chickens, and we may even be joined by the cats!
* A quick wash of the hands and then we’ll provide you with a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of one of Vicki’s homemade cakes (soft drinks will be available). Here you’ll be able to ask us more detailed questions about our llamas!

Who do we offer this to? – We can cope with a maximum of 4 people.

When do we offer this? – We can only offer this experience on Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday afternoons at 2pm. Booking is essential! The start of the 2010 season begins on Saturday 29th May.

How much? – £15 per person, children under 16 will cost £10 each, and children under 10 will cost £5 each. Please note that children under 10 will NOT be able to fully participate, they will only be able to groom and feed the llamas from outside of the pen and through the fence, and will not be able to walk their own llama (they can walk with the llama while a responsible adult holds the lead).

How to book? – Please call Kevin on 01237 451848 during office hours (9am to 5pm – Monday to Friday) to arrange your llama experience, or send us a message via the contact page for more information!”