Lois & Peter Woolley – Golden Wedding

My sister Lois Woolley recently celebrated her 70th Birthday and with husband Peter her Golden Wedding (50 years) all in one go – and there’s a beautiful picture of the happy couple. Naturally we thought it would be very difficult for us to attend as we’d thought we’d be very busy during the world cup period – wish now we’d gone for the party! Here are a few extracts (for the record) from Lois’s letter describing events:

“It has been quite the couple of weeks with endless fun and excitement. The week before the party people gradually came into town , Pamela (Tate) and Katy and Tim all came on the Tuesday and we had a chance to do some things with them. On the Wednesday we met Helen (King ) and her husband Alan and after lunch went to play Pitch and Putt on the par 3 golf course at the park The 3 women played together and we were pretty hopeless but had fun. We play that the maximum score on a hole is 5 and as Helen was the only one to get a score of less than that she was declared the winner !!!

The Thursday was Canada day and we took Pam to the races at Hastings Park – there was a good crowd there and we had lunch which makes it more fun . She had never been to the races before and really enjoyed especially as she doubled her money bet from $5 to $10 !! David (W) and David Rodwell were there as well but in the cheap seats although they came to the club house for an extended visit. Katy and Chris spent the day with a friend from Katy’s university programme. They managed to catch the Canada fireworks, though.

Friday was the day of the big “rehearsal ” dinner ( just like a real wedding !!!) and we fed 23 people here – all our lot except Nat, Hilary and Leslie and the people from England plus a couple from California. Luckily I had done most of the cooking ahead as the day seemed to be nothing but interruptions. We had hoped to eat outside but it was deemed too cold for that and I think we made the right decision. Peter made a presentation to Christine of a plaque he had made from a piece of Chinese green stone and the engraved part of a gold cigarette case that belonged to his father – it was in recognition of all that her mother had done for the twins – she was quite moved and shed a tear or two. The family washed up which was just as well as I had had enough by then.

Peter introduced the out of town guests and family and after the main course was served Rachel made a short ( and very good ) speech and we had a cake cutting with photographs as per the original shot from 50 years ago. The big highlight was the Elvis impersonator who we had managed to keep secret and he got everyone up and dancing and having fun. We met a friend at the beach today who told us it was the most fun he had had for ages – we have had tons of phone calls , cards etc as well. We shut down the music at 11 but Leslie was still dancing around. He was convinced that it really was Elvis !!!

Since then it has just been having fun with the family who have been coming and going. Tonight we are on our own and catching up with a few things. I will forward some pictures with this letter.”

Congratulations to all concerned – it seems to have been a great party! The fact that you’ve reached the age you have, is rather scary – that you’ve manged to stay married 50 years is awesome!