Mampi Rocks!

George da Soulchild, co-presenter of our Sunday night radio show on Zambezi fm radio in Livingstone sent this report:

“Recently Mampi got a rousing welcome at a packed Lusaka’s Eastpoint nightclub in Kabwata in anticipation of another one of her signature livewire performances. However, Mampi’s visibly enhanced waistline inhibited her from producing her fiery stage act that has been her trademark since the launch of her music career!

The venue meanwhile was packed as early as 20:00 hours and revellers saw Mampi take to the stage in the absence of her dancing queens. Mampi was instead supported by an unidentified back-up singer and managed to deliver her skills and keep the audience entertained, especially with tracks from her new project to be distributed by J-Kayo Records and set for release very soon.

She divided her act in two sets each lasting not more than an hour with only a few selected songs from her collection. In her first set, Mampi’s performance was upstaged by her looks as the audience was seemingly glued to her stiletto heels and skintight outfit in which she squeezed her extra kilos.

She later raised the temperature of the house when she introduced Copperbelt based hip-hop artiste Macky 2 who appeared as a surprise guest. Macky 2, who is the first Zambian artiste to feature more than ten other artistes including Mampi on his hit anthem Ndimupondo, began with a laidback performance of two songs supporting Mampi on stage. This after Mampi had earlier got a little help from her fellow Lusaka-based artistes Nel T and CK-Zee as curtain raisers. As starters, the duo was equally impressive when they performed their hit Chigololo and the song Zangaliyana whose video is set for release next month.

Eventually Mampi gave an improved closing act as she appeared more energized following a change of outfit. She performed among other popular songs the now-famous Why and Swililili her duet with PJ Swililili both produced by Digital X’s Raydo.