Nate Sinyangwe Plays 107.7 fm & Suite 1!

When Nate, Laura and Liana Sinyangwe (above) arrived at Livingstone Airport at 16.30 hrs on Sunday (when I was happily missing the Germany v England debacle on TV), the first thing I said to them was ‘will you do me a favor for a favor?’! “Why not?” answered Nate straight away, as daughter Liana tripped along excitedly beside him. “What’s the deal?”

Well, I said, “we’ll give you our new executive suite at the normal double rate you booked for your stay, and you can be the first people ever to stay in it, – IF – you’ll appear on the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient ft George Soulchild (as well as Zambia’s most famous part time mzungu DJ!) live at 20.30 hrs on 107.7fm tonight! Nate and Diana were delighted with the deal and though we were sorry Laura and Liana couldn’t make it for the show, just too travel weary! Nate was great value. So too was the suite!

“Is it true you work for BP“? We wanted to know on the show. “In the Gulf of Mexico?” “No Alaska!” “What are you doing about the spill in the Gulf?”. Nate admitted there wasn’t much they could do until the new pressure wells were finished. Nate had been educated at Hill Crest School near Chanters Lodge so his was a nostalgic visit home with his wife and cute daughter. Good example too, of what determined and bright young Zambians can do we said!

We played Treysongz – I’m so deep into that at the moment, ‘Already Taken’ and ‘Missing You’. We played Mumpi – Fever and Gyptian Hold Ya! So Nate could catch up on his Zambian latest and overall musically we had a good selection as usual.

We gave away the normal dinner for 2 at Chanters Lodge – quickly snapped up, for the first texter telling us which country Nate lives in now! Thanks Guys!