No To Mining In The Lower Zambezi National Park!

Minister of Lands Hon. Harry Kalaba has given Zambezi Resources Limited of Australia permission to establish an opencast copper mine in the Lower Zambezi National Park. We strongly believe that this decision is wrong. Your involvement in rescinding the Minister’s decision will:

– Help prevent the disturbance and displacement of people living in and around the Park
– Help prevent the disturbance and displacement of animals, birds and other organisms crucial to the Lower Zambezi ecosystem
– Help prevent irreversible damage from opencast mining to the Lower Zambezi landscape
– Show that we do not want to experiment with so-called “cost effective technologies and methods” (Hon. Kalaba) which are not even guaranteed. Opencast mining always leaves an indelible mark on the landscape.
– Send the right signal with regards to your government’s plan to diversify the economy away from over-reliance on copper. Because mining is not a labour-intensive activity, the jobs created from this project will be minimal, not worth the destruction of one our most important and beautiful National Parks.
– Build people’s trust in independent quasi-governmental organisations such as the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA).
– Help restore some confidence in your Government.

Zambezi Resources Limited has been given a mining license for 25 years. Mining for even that long will bring less value to our beloved country than if we preserved and protected the National Park for the enjoyment of all Zambians and visitors from abroad.

We only have ONE ZAMBIA and we want to protect and care for it – whether people, animals or trees. We need to ask ourselves this question: What are we going to leave our children and their children and their children?

We are full of hope that you will join us in rejecting Hon. Kalaba’s decision.