“Not Exactly A Hive Of Activity”

“Not exactly a hive of activity is it?” A Guest said to me yesterday looking at our two room extension at Chanters Lodge. It was hard to deny. “At the moment we’re waiting for the tilers to finish.” I explained.

We’re using the same tiler we’ve used for previous work and he’s good – but he has a lot of stories.
“The wheel on the tile cutter’s broken and we couldn’t find a new one”.
“The blade’s broken on the tile cutter”.
Yesterday’s? A good one – “A container’s arrived for our family from Botswana and I had to be there to make sure nothing was stolen when it was off-loaded”.

I was delighted this morning, however, when the tiler and his men turned up at 07.30 hrs looking as if they might do some work! I still have some hope that the rooms will be ‘finished’ by November 15th but I’m not going to stress about it, whether there’s a ‘hive of activity’ or not! Such is Africa!

The picture – the view from room 11 while I was waiting for the tilers not to turn up!