Pompi – New Album!

Thanks to George da Soulchild Kaufela, co-host of our Sunday night radio show for this piece.

Zambian gospel hip-hop artist Chaka, popularly known by his stage name Pompi, is this December expected to be dropping his second album on the Zambian market which will be titled “Mizhu”, literally translated as ‘roots’. Pompi will release the fifteen track album which will focus on a story of a boy, representing his dreams of flying and is rooted in the word.

The album will feature prominent names from the gospel music circles from around Zambia. Pompi is currently enjoying massive air play on different radio stations within Lusaka with his new single called ‘Packaging’, which he said is targeted at the lost and the church.

The Gospel music rapper is signed under Lotahouse meaning house of dreams, the label which is currently home to four artists namely Magg44, Tio, Abel Chungu Musuka and Pompi himself. In an interview with the Daily Nation recently, Pompi said Lotahouse as a record label has a vision of creating music from which young people will draw inspiration and that the music will be used as an agent to help save Zambia and Africa at large.

When asked about his transition from the secular world to now a believer of the gospel, Pompi said, “the life I lived in the past was an act and it was easy for me to have a transition because fruits do not fall far from the tree.” Pompi who made a mark after his transition with songs like Make up, Nipempela and Chipolopolo Unlimited has promised his fans a great album.

We shall wait and see!