Power Of Love Foundation

Recently Alka Subramanian was a Guest at Chanters Lodge in Livingstone. Alka is a Director of the Power of Love Foundation in Lusaka, and this is what they do!

Power of Love develops smart, effective methods to strengthen the community response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Currently, though 99% of the work to counter the spread of HIV is being done at the grassroots level, little funding is going to these community-based organizations. The money that does reach them is used to fulfill immediate on-the-ground needs.

Program funding is often based on meeting performance goals that measure success only by how many people the program reaches, not how effectively the program reaches them. There are few resources and little time in grassroots organizations to explore new, potentially more effective responses to counter the spread of HIV.

Power of Love believes that by utilizing technology and business processes appropriately, we can build creative response models that increase the output of care for each dollar donated.
We design, develop, and test innovative response models to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. As the models prove successful, Power of Love shares them with existing grassroots organizations and communities interested in starting new programs for themselves.
We certainly wish them all the best with their wonderful project!