Salif Keita in Lusaka

It’s all about visiting artists at the moment in Zambia. Following on from Trevor Noah’s sold out show, comes Salif Keita – check this from Times Of Zambia

The date is set for “Africa’s Golden Voice” Salif Keita who makes his first road trip to Zambia amid high expectations from enthusiastic fans. Thursday October 4th it is! Salif undisputedly stands among the most famous, world recognised, French speaking artistes. This unique musical fiesta set for the new Government complex will avail masses of Salif’s enthusiast to be spellbound by some of his famous hits such as ‘Africa’, ‘Tekere’, ‘Madan’, ‘Folon’, and ‘Mandjou’.

Pegged at K100,000 per head and with an audience expected to slightly overshoot 1200, Zambia’s well-known and loved legendary Sakala Brothers will be at hand to open Salif’s show in style. They are the official curtain raisers for this highly anticipated concert.

To be more precise about this recital. No true fan of African music would miss this for anything in the world as it will be a truly exceptional and unique experience with energetic dances and great harmonies. All this courtesy of the French Embassy in Zambia and the Alliance Francais.

Salif is a member of Malian royalty, a direct descendent of Sundiata Keita, the Mandinka warrior king who founded the Malian empire in the 13th century. However, he was also born an albino, which in Mali and some other parts of the world, is perceived (by some) as a sign of bad luck. In his experience, Salif was initially shunned and ostracised by his family and community alike but chose to sing out against his personal situation with his golden voice.

His talent, spirit and drive permitted him acceptance among a public that might have initially shunned his music. Keita has since become one of the more renowned musicians from the African continent with a broad international audience.

He is no stranger of being perceived different.