Sandra Ammitzboll & Charlotte Hall

I’m lucky aren’t I getting to be on radio with all these cute young Scandanavian girls!? But, would you like to know what was the best thing about last Sunday’s Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring George da Soulchild, our regular Sunday night radio show which I co-host with these two great DJ’s? Well, apart from our two delightful Guests pictured above, Sandra and Charlotte from Sweden, it was the fact that after several months the lift was working to the studios located on the 6th floor of Livingstone’s tallest building. Funny though, I think I rather missed the climb! Or did!??!

On with the show! As mentioned our guests were Sandra and Charlotte, two students from Lund University in Sweden in their 3rd year of a degree course in social studies. They were taking a week off, staying at Chanters Lodge, having spent seven weeks in Chingola on the Copperbelt assessing the implementation of the UN Charter for Human Rights for Children. They had been interviewing grade 11 and 12 children and on the whole found that their rights were well looked after in Zambia. The girls talked of the rights to protection and participation amongst the 64 or so human rights for children mentioned in the charter. Awesome stuff!

Sandra and Charlotte told listeners they’d undertaken several activities since they’d been in Livingstone and raved about their breakfast visit to Livingstone Island, where they’d swum in Devil’s Pool and dangled over the edge of Victoria Falls. “Weren’t you scared”? We wanted to know. Terrified! They agreed, but they’d loved it! They’d also been to the new Arts Cafe in Livingstone where they’d watched dancing from around Zambia and had been roped into drumming and dancing themselves too! This wasn’t the only dancing they’d done since coming to town – on Friday night they’d hit the clubs and had a great time, they said! During their last few days of their visit they were toying with the idea of bungee jumping and/or a game drive – as you do!

The music was good as usual. ‘Christmas Lights’ by Coldplay was topical, and we dropped it back to back with ‘Love Letter’ by R Kelly. George featured his own music with two tracks by Kafuela ‘Your Smile’ and ‘Sky Is The Limit’. Great stuff George we all agreed! Milli Jam featured Justin Bieber’s ‘Latin Girl’ and the heavily censored ‘Run Away’ from the new Kanye West album. Rihanna’s ‘Man Down’ made our Swedish guests sit up and take notice and coupled with ‘Count On Me’ by Bruno Mars these were two of my ‘tracks of the moment’.

Did the girls have boyfriends back in Sweden? The guys wanted to know. Hesitation…..’not really’ seemed to be the answer. I, for one, didn’t believe that, or perhaps Swedish blokes are really slow! Ambitions? Sandra would like to work for an international outfit such as Save The Children, Charlotte seemed more interested in family therapy as a future career. Where would the girls like to be and what would they like to be doing 10 years from now? Married with loads of children they agreed!

What sports were the girls interested in? Dancing!

As usual we gave chart news, including the current top three singles in Sweden – all unpronouncable, as well as the top three in UK and USA. We greeted guests and staff alike and gave away our usual dinner for 2 to the first person to tell us where these lovely girls came from. Sweden of course was the sharp answer from Mohammed, who told us their names and what they were doing here too! Some people really want to come for dinner at Chanters Lodge!!