Sweet Conversion – Update

‘Better than volcanic ash’ a friend commented on Facebook when I was complaining about the rubble, dust, mess and noise emanating from the conversion of Rooms 1 and 2 into Suite 1 at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone in Zambia! I’m really not so sure, they seem comparable.

Anyway, check the picture of Charles the builder, taken from the garden, still demolishing, but preparing to raise the roof of the proposed suite sitting room up to the level of the existing roof.

Where’s the rubble? I hear you ask. Well there’s still a hell of a lot indoors but check that pile outside waiting to be collected by someone who needs it to raise the level of their yard to protect against flooding. There’s recycling for you!

It’s my half day today and I’ll be pleased to have a break away from the dust, mess and noise! Oh! And they’ve broken the wheelbarrow – again!