Ten Reasons To Choose Chanters Lodge

Ben Reed from AdventureswithBen was kind enough to write this recently about Chanters Lodge: Thanks Ben!
10. Quiet, Peaceful, Calm
With 11 rooms, you’ll find the lodge quiet, peaceful and well…calm. The location of the hotel is just beyond the main part of town, close enough to be where you need to be quick, but far enough away to get that sense of escape and relief.

There is a pool and garden area to relax, catch-up on jet lag or just relish the fact that you’re in Africa. With rooms sprinkled throughout the complex, you can feel like you’re the only one there, or quickly swap stories with other travelers who are looking to do the same.

9. African Personality
Traveling through 15 countries I can tell you that a hotel, is a hotel is a hotel. But not Chanters Lodge.
Stepping onto the grounds, you’ll instantly feel like you’re in Africa. High perimeter walls, dirt driveways, painted walls, coffee tables stacked with travel books, newspapers and magazines and well-worn lounges to enjoy them in – it’s the perfect setting to best your fellow travelers with tales of getting doused by Vic Falls, cruising the Zambezi or searching for game. It doesn’t try to be luxury, contemporary, modern or artsy. It’s African and that’s what makes it special. I’ve posted more photos of Chanters Lodge on Facebook.
8. Comfortable Rooms
Between riding in helicopters, bungee jumping and hiking through the Zim Side of the falls, at the end of the evening, you want a place to unwind and relax. Rooms are equipped with bug nets, private bath rooms, desks, televisions, space heaters (yep, it can get chilly in Africa) and beds you can slide right into. I fell fast asleep, anxious to discover what adventures Livingstone has in store for me tomorrow.
7. Convenient Location
Chanters Lodge is located just about 10 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from Vic Falls. Taxi Drivers know exactly where it is so it’s easy to get home. You can make quick trips downtown for shopping, dining or entertainment without worrying about how to get home.
6. Menu Variety
The Chanters Lodge Restaurant has plenty of options for every palate. You’re in Africa, so try something local: Zambezi Bream (fish), Nshima (a Zambian side dish) and Mosi Lager (a local brew). But for the less-than-adventurous, there’s the staples too: omelettes, sandwiches, chicken, pasta, etc. Food comes quick, is priced right, filling and does the job after a busy day crossing borders with Zimbabwe and Zambia. Breakfast is included with your room!
5. WiFi Internet Access
Guests can enjoy 1 complimentary hour of wireless internet access. Vouchers for purchase are available for additional time. Internet speeds in Zambia are slower than what you may be used to, but you’ll have enough speed and time to let everyone know you’ve arrived safely in Livingstone and to brag on Facebook with the photos you took of Vic Falls.
4. Community Radio Station
One of the parts of my stay that surprised me the most was Chanters Lodge’s prominence in the community. Every Sunday Richard Chanter, the owner, hosts The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient Featuring George Soulchild on 107.7 He’s got a strong following on the show as they talk music, travel, pop culture and more. Each week he gives out a free dinner for two at the lodge to local Zambians, a treat for many!
Guest lodges distinguish themselves from the bland corporate hotels with activities like this. It adds passion, personality and fun to a guests stay. Locals supporting locals, that’s the way it should be.
3. Attentive Staff
I sat down to dinner on the first night and with my meal came several salads, one of them beet salad. Not a beet eater, I politely declined. During dinner on the second night, my server brought the same salads, minus the beets. That kind of attention to detail is rare. It can’t be taught, practiced or rehearsed. You have to have people who have a heart for service to recognize and deliver moments like that. Whether it’s the front office staff, the servers or Richard himself, they’ll ensure you are taken care of during your entire stay.
2. Fantastic Price
Considering the amenities, location staff and everything else, Chanters Lodge is the best value in town. Anything cheaper and you’d be slummin’ it. Anything more expensive and you’d be paying for services you don’t need. Chanters Lodge hits it on the mark.
1. Passionate, Friendly Owner
Richard Chanter, the owner of the lodge which bears his name loves being a hotelier. I could tell that instantly. He’ll meet you at the airport, provide travel advice in the area, organize tours and transport, regale you with stories from his past and maybe even invite you to be a guest on his radio show Sunday evenings.
Chanters Lodge is the culmination of decades of experience in hospitality, a place he can call his own.
Thanks Ben, I’m pleased you see it that way! Hope others do too!