The Benefits Of Being Young And Clueless!

I’m lucky to have a lot of young friends on Facebook, a young family and young employees. Here’s something to inspire them all:

Via Inc Staff Blog

“The benefits of being young and clueless. Experience may be the best teacher, but on his blog Quick Sprout, tech entrepreneur Neil Patel argues that “the less you know, the more money you’ll make.” Granted, first-time entrepreneurs are bound to make their share of mistakes, but Patel explains that there are a number of advantages to not being a know-it-all.

Among the benefits of being a new entrepreneur is that you’re more willing to listen, more likely to try new ideas, and less likely to waste time trying to create an absolutely perfect company. Perhaps most importantly, first-time entrepreneurs are hungry for success. “You have that fire in your eye and it isn’t because you want it there, it’s because you are broke and have no choice but to figure out a way to make some money so you can put some food on the table,” says Patel.”

Now, a picture. Well I could post a photo of one of the youngsters mentioned above but they might think I was calling them ‘young and clueless’ so let me think…….got it – a relatively young and definitely clueless lot partying on the edge of Victoria Falls! Have a nice weekend!