The Least Or The Most You Can Do?

As usual Seth Godin talks business sense:

“One way to think about running a successful business is to figure out what the least you can do is, and do that. That’s actually what they spent most of my time at business school teaching me. No sense putting more on that pizza, sending more staff to that event, answering the phone in fewer rings… what’s the point? No sense being kind, looking people in the eye, being open or welcoming or grateful. Doing the least acceptable amount is the way to maximize short term profit.

Of course, there’s a different strategy, a crazy alternative that seems to work: do the most you can do instead of the least. Radically overdeliver.

Turns out that this is a cheap and effective marketing technique.”

Says it all really!

The picture? Oh! That’s Joan Rogers and Lawrence Zulu outside Chanters Lodge. Lawrence went out of his way recently to give Joan and her husband an excellent bicycle tour of Livingstone – not at all the least he could do!!