The Livingstone Performing Arts Foundation

The Livingstone Performing Arts Foundation (LiPAF) is a not-for-profit NGO staging musical theatre shows to preserve and promote Zambian culture through excellence in the arts. They offer full time employment to 20 very talented performers from Livingstone and have implemented several community projects to support local schools, health organizations, and vulnerable families.

Currently, they are performing their latest show, “Dancing Around Zambia” at the Zambezi Sun Resort every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday evening at 20h00. Charges are $20 or just K25,000 for Zambian residents. Although they are given the use of the venue at the Sun, LiPAF is not hired by Sun and they are wholly dependent upon ticket sales for their revenue.

At Chanters Lodge we have just ‘linked’ their website with ours and they, in turn, will list our web site on theirs at They also want you to know that they can travel with their show to other venues for group performances.

I haven’t yet seen one of their shows but hope to do so in the near future, but we’ve heard only excellent reports from Guests who have done so! We wish them the best of luck with their great project!