The Praiz Mash Experience!

Meet Praise Mashilipa or ‘Praiz Mash’ (above), young, charming, part time presenter on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station which hosts our weekly radio show ‘The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay Hillz’. The show airs live on 107.7 fm every Sunday from 20.30-21.30 hrs CAT and is a lively mixture of international and local music, as well as chat with our Guest Of The Week. On the most recent edition the Guest was Praiz Mash.

Milli Jam wanted to know about the DJ’s name and Praise explained that his Dad had named him Praise after his mum had been through a very difficult labour while giving birth to him, at one point her life had even been threatened. He had been named Praise because his dad was so happy his mum had pulled through. “Oh!” Said Milli Jam “I thought it meant you were a gospel DJ!” We laughed, as some of us had thought the same!

Praise revealed that he’d been brought up in Livingstone, educated at David Livingstone High School, and that his parents were still in the city, his dad is employed at Central Statistics. Praise had been a member of the Zambezi fm Fan Club, his first introduction to the station, and had now been a part time presenter for about six months. Mostly his was the ‘graveyard shift’ – midnight to 05.00 hrs. “How do you cope with the cold weather at night at this time of year?” We wondered. “When you love what you do you hardly notice!” Replied (lied?) Praiz. His mentor at the station is E-Vibes, co-host with Jay Hillz of the 107.7 fm Breakfast Show.

Our music on this show was latest as usual. We opened with tracks from Avicii, Second City and Klingande. Jay chose a track from South African star Syapelile as well as from Zambia’s own MC Wabwino. Milli Jam dropped Fuse ODG and Sean Paul’s ‘Dangerous Love’, now a huge hit in UK and very hot round and about the Livingstone night clubs. We also featured Izrael’s beautiful ‘Efindingile’ (enough for me), the artist was formerly known as Exile and is one of Zambia’s most popular stars. My pick of the week was Elbow’s haunting ‘My Sad Captains’. The oldie of the week was an obscure track from Kelly Khumalo and no-one won the prize we give for naming the artist. “Previous prize winners have eaten us out of house and home anyway” I commented.

Praise declared himself an Arsenal supporter through and through. Favourite all time player – Thierry Henry, current star – Theo Walcott. His own musical taste he named as R&B and Acoustics. His favourite artists? Boyz 2 Men as well as Ne-Yo. Locally Izrael. “We have more and more in common” said Milli Jam, a huge fan of both the Gunners and Ne-Yo! “Are you married?” We asked. “No, but I’m taken.” The reply. All efforts to make him reveal the name of the one who had taken him failed! He thought Brazil would win the World Cup 2014. He had never done the bungee jump, it scared him even more than revealing his girl friend’s name! His biggest career influence? Kunda Mando, TV producer at ZNBC.

Asked where he would like to be and what he would like to be doing ten years’ from now, this personable, funny, hard working young presenter/DJ said he would like to have a Phd in English Language, be teaching the subject in England, married and driving a BMW. “Get in!” We said.