Tripbase is a site that impressed me. It’s a site that’s offering advice on holiday ideas to single parents. The introduction says:

The annual vacation; there is the ‘before’ – the planning for the trip, the fun sense of anticipation and eager expectation. Then there is the ‘during’ – the actual holidays (and aren’t they always too short?) which deliver a unique and everlasting bundle of fun times and cherished memories.

And finally comes the ‘after’ – the moments of reflection, weeks, months or years later, looking back on wonderful journeys and experiences with loved ones, with old friends, or with new acquaintances. Before deciding on where to vacation next is to consult their tried and trusty companion, the Travel Guide.

The travel community noticed one glaring omission: what about single parents? So we decided to emphatically right this wrong and have now put together a comprehensive guide to single parent travel. What better way to do this than to ask the experts themselves?

We asked 22 of the web’s most influential figures in travel to contribute to this comprehensive piece on single parent travel, and the result is an epic piece of shared wisdom direct from those who know best: single parent travelers themselves.

The guide aims to share with single parents:

* Where to visit with their children
* What they can do
* As well as offering tips and advice in the process.

# Part 1: Factors to consider before your trip

* Before you even decide where to go
* Five things as aids for traveling with kids
* The art of traveling lightly
* Give the children more responsibilty
* Tantrum-proofing your vacation
* Single Parent Families Abroad
* The trickiest thing

# Part 2: planes, trains and automobiles

* you’re still in the airport with the kids but it’s still 3 hours until takeoff time!
* Flying with children – onboard the plane
* If you’re stressed the kids are
* And Perhaps Leave that Car Seat Behind!

# Part 3: Where did our experts go?

* miami – fun for kids
* a road trip with kids in canada
* a european vacation for single parents
* south of france – provence
* the magic of animals
* try something different – try malta
* stay in a farmhouse – now wouldn’t the kids love that!
* traveling alone with a teenage girl

# Part 4: Cruises

* At Last! Some Free Time Away from the Kids
* You can even swim with Dolphins!
* The Ideal Vacation for Single Parents
* Some advice for those Cruise ‘Shopping Days’ in Dock – Nail down that Bargain folks

Of course they could always consider coming to Chanters Lodge in Livingstone. We are very family friendly and there is a whole raft of activities in the area to excite the children.
Now isn’t that a good idea!