Up Close And Personal With Shyman Shaizo

George da Soulchild Kaufela, co-host of our weekly Sunday night radio show on Zambezi 107.7fm, ‘The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Kaufela’, chats to one of Livingstone’s own music stars Shyman Shaizo (above) after his recent trip to Namibia. 
Shyman has also appeared on our show in the past.

George: Is it true that Shyman is big in Namibia, bigger in fact than he is here in Zambia? I ask this because recently you were in Namibia for close on three weeks, what was the trip all about?

Shyman: Yes, strange but true!  My biggest song over there is still ‘Fendela Fenduza’ which I recorded almost seven years ago. Basically I was going to Namibia to check and push promos for my new tracks which are ‘Are You Single’ ft.Exile and Longa Katundu. To my surprise ‘Are You Single’ is even bigger than I’d expected. I’d lined up three shows as well as a video shoot for my upcoming single ‘Sugar’.

George: In which places did you have shows?

Shyman: Otchiwarongo, Windhoek and Walvis Bay on the coast.

George: How was the attendance and how did the people of Namibia receive Shyman and his music?

Shyman: Good! Very good! In some ways better than Zambians receive my music, although Zambians always give me a great reception too! You see I didn’t know that ‘Are You Single’ was now everyone’s favourite and the response was truly overwhelming. People in Namibia Love Shyman and most importantly love Zambian music!

George: How different is a Namibian crowd compared to a Zambian crowd?

Shyman: The Namibians don’t understand the language but they enjoy the music. As long as the rhythm is right for them they’ll dance and sing along to your music till you get off the stage, and if you get back on they will do it all over again. Zambians are a tough crowd to please even when your rhythm is right and on point you’ll have to go an extra mile to please them.

George: Let’s talk about the upcoming video and the collaboration you did while you were in Namibia

Shyman : Yes I’ve finished the video and it’s great – we had a great time shooting it as well! I’d never been to the beach before and it was my first time to see the ocean and taste the salty waters! We shot on location in Walvis Bay, a clean town on the Atlantic Ocean coast, with an Angolan guy called Maya Neto.The song is titled ‘Sugar’ and it will come out soon.

George: What else did you do while you were in Namibia?

Shyman: I worked with a lot of big names there. I’m talking about the hottest Namibian talent like Exit, Pdks,Tste Buti and Freedah one of the girls from the group Gal Level. I can’t lie I had a great time! I had radio and TV interviews, perfomances, recordings and meetings with record label representatives. Things couldn’t have gone better and I continue to thank God for everything.

George: They say we learn something new every day, what are some of the lessons you learned from your recent trip?

Shyman: Working with all those artistes was awesome because I experienced different genres of music – their music is so different. I had to add my Zambian feel to their music which was amazing. The guys I met were so professional and the tours and shows where overwhelming.

George: Any advice for up and coming artists?

Shyman: Don’t be afraid to be different! Art is art, music is music no matter the language. Don’t limit yourself to Zambia when the whole world can actually fall in love with your music.

George: Finally what’s next for Shyman? Are you going back to Namibia? When is the album coming out?

Shyman: I am currently working on a DVD and the album should be out in October, the title will be ‘Too Much’ –  but don’t ask why!

George: I won’t! Thanks for sparing some time to chat with me and I wish you all the best. I hope to tag along next time you’re in Namibia as I hear the girls are pretty and the food is great.

Shyman: I can’t comment on the girls but the food is great yes, why not and thank you as well, it was a great chat!