Heard of Wimdu? If you’re in the hospitality business it’s probably important that you know about them, so here you are!

Wimdu was started with a small international team in March 2011, but has quickly grown into a tightly-knit group of 350 dedicated employees worldwide. Still growing rapidly, Wimdu is an online platform with a wide range of private accommodation that stretches as far as your imagination is willing to take you. Whether it’s a room in a Berlin shared apartment or a New York designer flat, Wimdu’s range of over 50,000 properties in more than 100 countries ensures that everybody can find exactly what they’re looking for: exciting accommodation in fantastic places, and it’s cheaper than a hotel!

They say they connect guests and hosts all over the world, inspiring unique encounters that allow you to discover a new way of traveling, staying true to their slogan ‘Travel like a local’. But not only that. Wimdu also lets you rent out your own place and make money as you help others explore the world!

Wimdu was founded by Arne Bleckwenn and Hinrich Dreiling, two close friends who met each other at university and had successfully founded two companies together before establishing Wimdu. The two passionate backpackers came up with the idea behind Wimdu on a year long trip around the world. Bored of the monotony of hotel rooms and the increasing austerity of hostels, they started staying more and more often in small rooms offered by locals: living with them, getting insider tips and spending evenings getting to know them. Motivated by their experiences and an internationally spreading interest in personalized rentals, they decided to start a company that would combine technical know-how with passion for travelling and a closer attention to the individual needs of its users, all rooted in the unique flavour of Berlin.

The result of this is Wimdu, a diverse team of highly-qualified and enthusiastic people all aiming to turn private, home-grown rentals into an easy to use global norm. They say they want to change the way people travel into something more real and personal, to help them ‘travel like a local’, as their slogan suggests. Their large team of over 350 people is located not only in their Berlin headquarters, but is spread out in many locations all over the world.