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These days in Zambia it’s quite hard, in my opinion, to get a neutral and objective take on the news. ZNBC, Daily Mail and Times of Zambia are all in a state of transition with new management and the Post is still PF – one suspects it will remain so for the foreseeable future. Time then to turn to Zambia Weekly which appears intelligent, independent and thorough without being too verbose or bunged up with adverts – for now. Their take on themselves is below:

“Zambia Weekly is a free ezine that provides an effortless way of keeping up-to-date with current affairs in Zambia. Every Friday, Zambia Weekly sends out an aggregate of Zambian news – the news you really need to know about!

Zambia Weekly compiles, summarises, compares and analyses the news. It is to the point: short and concise! Zambia Weekly promotes factual and objective journalism. It has no political, religious or ethnical affiliations. Zambia Weekly focuses on the coverage of politics, business and development.

Zambia Weekly reaches thousands of business leaders, decision-makers and opinion formers – both in Zambia and abroad.

It was founded in April 2010

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Wishing them all the best, it is an excellent production.