Zambians Do It In Thurrock!

I loved this from UK Zambians

Zambian children in Thurrock – Essex, took to the stage in Taiyaka Taiyaka style, strutting out their stuff in truly Zambian style, to the delight of an 8000 strong crowd. The children shared the stage with X- factor finalists Stacey Solomon, Chico, Rachel Adedeji and other performances from hip hop, rock to Asian culture.

The seventeen – member dance group (including two boys) mesmerised fans with Zambian –waist- wiggling to ‘Taiyaka Taiyaka and ‘Namoonga Oyeye’ tunes on Saturday 24 July 2010, at Grays Beach. A visibly thrilled member of the audience remarked that the swish-swashing moves made the dancers’ bodies look ‘disjointed’ at the waist.

Thurrock Festival is a yearly event organised by the Council and its partners. The event celebrates the rich community of Thurrock, its history and residents. Music and dance are at the heart of the festival with a mixture of traditional and contemporary sounds.

This is the first time the group has performed at the Thurrock festival. The group’s maiden appearance was at a Black History Month event at Gray’s Convent Secondary School in Grays last October. The group’s popularity is steadily growing and is set to raise the Zambian flag higher and higher.

Dancers include Ndelina,Tamara and Mumbi Mulenga, Mphambo and Kasuba Konga, Natasha and Mutale Mushibwe, Nzila Siluwe, Musalwa and Nokwanda Siyunyi, Tishana Nyamustamba, Mwila Mupepa, Makungo Mutale, Mulengu Monga, Sultana Scott, Chisha and Cecilia Masafwa.

The dance group has been brought together by Zambian parents in Thurrock with the aim of teaching Zambia cultural heritage through dance and song. This initiative has fostered in the children, most of whom where born abroad, a sense of identity and pride in their Zambian culture. It was a happy ending with a big ‘family picnic’ for the Zambian families at the gig!