Andrew & Caroline Kashita

It was a first for us when Andrew and Caroline Kashita (pictured above) appeared on The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient ft George Soulchild, our regular Sunday night radio show that goes out on Zambezi Radio 107.7 fm at 20.30 hrs for an hour. Why? Well, they were the first Guests ever to be asked back for a second show! Why? Because they’re great people and huge supporters of Chanters Lodge, and Andrew Kashita is a former Minister who will not keep quiet! “You’ve been in the newspapers a lot recently concerning the ERB” said Milli Jam after the introductions and the first two tracks “what’s that all about”.

“Energy Regulation Board?” queried Andrew, “let me tell you about it”! He then went on to tell us, and the listeners, exactly what he thought of the ERB who are supposed to reconcile energy providers and consumers over tariffs, but in Andrew’s opinion and most of the country, they’re simply not doing their job! They’ve given the green light to increases in the cost of petrol and diesel of at least 30% this year, and electricity prices have just gone up by another 30% as well. Mr Kashita wished that Zesco, our monopoly electricity supplier, would look into cutting their costs as hard as they look into increasing tariffs. “Lots of blokes standing around with their hands in their pockets watching other people do the job” he observed, correctly.

“How many ministerial positions have you held?” Milli Jam wanted to know. “Three” came back Andrew as quick as flash “and I was fired from every one”! He went on to tell listeners that he was variously Minister of Mines and Industry, Minister of Communications and Transport and Minister of Works and Supply. He didn’t mention, but it’s a fact, that he was one of the first overseas qualified Zambian Engineers immediately after independence. He did go on to tell listeners that he’d enjoyed his time as a civil servant more than when he was a Minister, as he found it more rewarding in terms of achievements. He was instrumental in, or involved with Zambia Airways; Lusaka International Airport; Tazara; Ndeni Oil Refinery; Zambia’s microwave system; the introduction of cell phones in the country and the dismantling of UBZ to allow for the privatization of the coach/bus industry in Zambia.

The music on the show went down well. Ace of Base “Mr Replay” represents a return to form for that particular band, while we opened as usual with Aggro Santos “Candy”. We featured my two tracks of the moment, ‘Dynamite’ by Taio Cruz and ‘DJ Got Me Falling In Love’ by Usher. Milli Jam featured Charice – ‘Pyramid’ (special request from Monica, one of the Chanters Girls) and Kelly Rowland’s ‘Forever and A Day’. George’s local numbers were ‘If It’s Love’ by Brothahood Crew ft Kaufela and Tsoya – ‘Katwayeko Umbi’ (‘Go look for someone else’, we were told was the translation’).

Caroline enjoyed talking about her family. She and Andrew will be married 30 years soon. They have a son and a daughter, son Steven is an aero-nautical engineer in America and daughter Nonde is studying at Reading University in UK. They have a grand-daughter Aisha, just 16 months old, whom they hope will soon come and live with them in Lusaka.

We gave away the usual dinner for two at Chanters Lodge which was quickly snapped up by an alert listener in answer to our simple question, and as usual we greeted Guests, family and staff alike! We had messages while we were on air from Swithin Haangala, owner of 107.7 fm and DJ Wildfire a former 107.7 fm DJ, now making a name for himself in South Africa. Great!

Luckily and surprisingly there was no message from Zesco!