George da Soulchild Kaufela, co-presenter of our weekly radio show, updates us on ‘Angozed’.

Angozed is a music group comprising members from Angola – Guilherme Saluwa Jr and Zambia – Muzaya M Shandavu, hence the amalgamation of the names of both countries to create AngoZed. Their style is funky and fresh and is a popular panache of music called Kuduro. The Group is managed by L.P Associates Zambia.

Angozed has been in existence since 9th July 2011, they kicked off their music career with a hit single called “Ziguiza” which received massive air play on most Zambian and Angolan radio stations. Their follow up single was called “Fofoqueiro” on which they featured Bob Muli, Hamoba aka Hamzway and a new talented Indian singer by the name Shamim. Their album “Innovation” is due to be released this year although the date is not yet set.

Having worked with the likes of Crisis Mr. Swagger, Roberto, Nana XYZ, KB (Killa Beats), Daxion (Ma Africa), Hamoba, Bob Muli, Kay-Figo ect., AngoZed recently worked with international artists from Lagos (Nigeria), Ex-O and M-flow on a new single called “Higher Loke-Loke” (produced by Ex-O), which we recently featured on one of the Chanters shows.The song talks about hard work, focus and going higher in their music career, as well as spreading their music all over Africa and the world.

Apart from music, AngoZed is also selling branded “AngoZed T-Shirts”